BoardUp - Foldable Longboard - The travelers longboard

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BoardUp - Foldable Longboard

The travelers longboard



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Hunter's comment

With BoardUp you can always have your board with you. Fold it and pack it in a bag and take it with you in the train or bus, and once you are in the streets you will be ready to roll. If you are looking for portable and eco-friendly ways of transport, this is what you need!

Stay fit while moving around your city and once you get to your destination pack the BoardUp in your backpack in just seconds.

Help the planet by producing no emissions while doing sports at the same time.

If you are a traveler this is so convenient, just fold it and into the suitcase it goes. No more dragging the bulky boards in the airports or train stations. BoardUp goes unnoticed inside your luggage.

Be the change you want to see in the world! Help reduce CO2 emissions by moving around in an eco-friendly longboard that not only looks super cool but also will ealp you stay fit.



Hunter: @dontstopmenow

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what got me attracted was that it is foldable wow, this is indeed a lovely skate. No need of thinking of getting new one when you get to your new location, it can easily be carried about. Lol


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Awesome Hunt!

It's great for minimalist skates!


  • The BoardUp is an ecological table
  • Portable in a practical way
  • Reduces Co2 emissions on the planet


  • Could participate with some bad movement when folding it to be saved

Wow incredible hunt, this exactly what I need to ride everywhere without having to get a heavy board. The price it's really low too son get me one and take my money

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