9D VR Cinema - Electronic 9D VR Cinema vr pod/ Egg 9D Virtual Reality Simul

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9D VR Cinema

Electronic 9D VR Cinema vr pod/ Egg 9D Virtual Reality Simul



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Hunter's comment

Good day steemhunt , good to see you here again .. I am here with a new product is a media gadget and its name is 9D VR Cinema

This can be placed in various places like
Tourist attractions.

  • All kinds of Club, including private company club and racking club.
  • Movie theater, home theater.
  • Arcade.
  • Supermarket
  • Star hotels.
  • Auto show.
  • Science promotion activities and so on.
    Any way, they can be used in any activities to let the display more headline-grabbing

Apart from the fun part of the machine .. It also could serve as a very profitable venture. This will be a good turn over in terms of profit as seen in the picture analyzing the profit to be gotten.

kindly check out the product as well




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