Eko DUO - First Handheld and Portable Electronic Stethoscope and ECG!

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First Handheld and Portable Electronic Stethoscope and ECG!


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Hunter's comment

Here I present to you the first FDA-cleared device to combine digital stethoscope and ECG technology best and suitable for elderly patients at home or clinic.

I say this is a cutting-edge piece of device ideal for monitoring and screening patients that are at home or even in clinic.

The Eko DUO has various of features that includes:

  • Digital Stethoscope + ECG!
  • Wireless Connectivity like Bluetooth 4.0
  • Can perform with electronic stethoscope headset
  • And most especially can view the output with IOS/Android and Windows devices for monitoring and reading purposes!

This awesome device comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can run up-to 9hours of continuous recording, playback and many more. Can easily be clean with just isopropyl alcohol wipes




Hunter: @dwaeji-aizelle


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Thanks for reminding me @geekgirl, I already change the name of my hunt.

I thought this tech is generic or something like that, well because of its portability it makes this thing Unique and Useful.

It's so amazing to see how tech is changing things over in the medical field. I hae been looking at medical hunts this week and this is nothing short of amazing.

I attempted to make something like this before when I was in college. But then I realized it was impossible to do so. Haha

This is indeed A great device. Seeing that it can run for hours and can be recharged is cool. I love the aspect that it can be easily cleaned with alcohol and Isopropyl. What is the price of this device?.

simple amazing stethoscope which electronic is simply hard to believe. Now you can get the data for your client recorded on the device for future reference. Great innovation.

Another cool hunt I found today.
the battery life is top notch
it's portability is bae
good one for medical line

keep hunting

This will really help healthcare professionals manage their patients even better.Great hunt @dwaaeji-aizelle

Medicine is one niche where science, technology and innovation have done wonders. Great to see products like this, easy to use even a patient is at home. Great hunt!

Having medical facility at home removes dependency and one can stay in peace. I think this device is definitely created keeping in view the suffering that patients have to go through for their x-rays and other reports. Great work.

A great thing for older people with health problems is that they do not need a daily visit to a doctor. Of course, it is easier to check the health status of the home. Nice hunt

Most lovable Eko DUO

This is a very great and Amazing device, it is the first handheld and portable electronic stethoscope and ECG. This tool is very useful and important for saving the lives of people.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

extraordinary medical products.
The doctor can easily get the patient wherever he is.
this will shorten maintenance.

Excellent hunt you created Friend @dwaeji-aizelle. Really great for medical field, no no worry about your perfect ECG. "Eko DUO" is amazing product with useful features and a First Handheld and Portable Electronic Stethoscope and ECG. It is also FDA approved device.

Stethoscopes I have seen many, but this innovative electronic stethoscope has enchanted me because it is dynamic and easy to use. good hunting

Great product...
This product will be super cool for doctors and paramedics who work in field.

@dwaeji-aizelle, cool hunt. This portable electronic stethescope is great for the elderlies to use. And also it is handheld so it is much more convenient and easy. Great hunt.

This is a great device to improve remote care and self-monitoring. Elderly patients who need to keep track of their heart health from home will find this especially useful, too. Nice find!

Advances in medicine are promising health-related events. This will help the doctors in diagnosing the stethoscope diseases. I watched the video, thanks.

Eko DUO is a marvelous advancement in the field of health as it enables the patients specifically the elderly patients to check their health status at home in a more pleasant way. Superb idea and an awesome HUNT <3

Wow is an excellent product in terms of health.
Portable Stethoscope and ECG also have application support.
This is a great invention for patients at home.

Thanks @dwaeji-aizelle this hunt is great.


Amazing Hunt @dwaeji-aizelle

Really an amazing product for elderly patients. DUO has wireless charging mechanisms whenever the battery drains to low. The gadget automatically shuts down after it is inactive for 5 minutes. This eliminates the need for patients to go to hospital for keeping track of their cardiac reports that can easily be done by using app.


Great Hunt! A helpful product for health to check the problems of old people at home no need to go for the checkup with Doctor because these devices will help. Thanks for sharing a great hunt good luck

wonderful (1).gif
e61ff317a5 (1).png




  • It is portable.

  • It is best for personal use.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Stethoscope is amazing, even though the design is simple but hard to believe.

This is a new innovation, we can get data recorded on the device for future reference.

Everything is getting easier day by day with advances in technology, with the advent of this technology, we hope the level of accuracy will be higher and more accurate.

This seems a step forward in the medical field and would save a lot of peace of mind and time of patients.

great artifact to know that one of the greatest things is that of science and if I am helping the progress of this is quite useful big hunt

This is really very helpful to our medication wherein it gives an electronic Stethoscope and ECG. Great hunt bro!

Hi @dwaeji-aizelle thanks for sharing a very useful and incredible device here at steemhunt. Such type of devices are made and designed to save the lives of people. I must appreciate the team of Eko DUO. great hunt, keep it up.

A good idea for countries that maybe don't have money for more expensive equipment or where doctors have large areas to cover. Nice hunt!

I watched the video and Eko Duo will be very useful for doctors. Portable Electronic Stethoscope is a grat product for them. Awesome hunt.

DIY feature, rechargeable battery, easily washable and portable all are its pros and I don't any con in this hunt. Very nice work.

I love this hunt.
Eko DUO is a built-in battery stethoscope that can be use at home and in the hospital.
Eko DUO can last up to 9hours when you continuously using it for playing back or recording e.t.c. @dwaeji-aizelle thanks for bringing is this.

Happy hunting💞💞

Very effective technology for doctors and home also. It have nice features like

Digital Stethoscope + ECG!
Wireless Connectivity like Bluetooth 4.0
Can perform with electronic stethoscope headset
And most especially can view the output with IOS/Android and Windows devices for monitoring and reading purposes!

ECO DUO seems a great sigh of relief for patients for being...

the First Handheld and Portable Electronic Stethoscope and ECG.

The world needs more of such products and they should not be out of reach from the vast majority of the poors. Impressive work.

Hey, @dwaeji-aizelle you found useful things helpful product great hunt

Visiting a hospital itself is a nightmare but it comes to public hospitals, it becomes worse experience. The environment is horrific and little to no infrastructure + the overall environment makes it very negative. Thanks to the creators of this great product now they won't have to go through all these bad feelings. Technology is changing our lives. Excellent product and nice job @dwaeji-aizelle. Hunt is on.

Hunt of the day. Great invention and awesome work... Eko DUO
First Handheld and Portable Electronic Stethoscope and ECG. Very nice, please come up with some more ideas like that. Happy hunting

Very nice hunt. Thanks for update old person useful technology.
Stay blessed

♥♦♣Great one hunt..♥♥

UNCOMMON ♥♣♥♦♣♥♦

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♥♦♣Keep it up....♥♥♥

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♥♦♣Great one hunt..♥♥

UNCOMMON ♥♣♥♦♣♥♦

♣♦♥Like it...♣♣♣ ♣♥♦

♥♦♣Keep it up....♥♥♥

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Hey @dwaeji-aizelle, gotta say you have shared amazing thing here.This will be suitable for patients getting treatnnets at home and also for other users, hope it goes on long run.

health should be in line with technological advances and while advances are for the better they are always welcome, thanks for such a good contribution, we continue to hunt,

Another cool hunt I found today.
the battery life is top notch
it's portability is bae
good one for medical line

keep hunting

No wonder it is really going to be helpful for the Doctors .
Very Nice Hunt.

This looks like a very interesting hand held and portable ECG detector, allowing any one to use without much difficulties. Happy hunting~

This was dream in 90s , 20s and earlier. But now we see every day some thing new and innovation. I love your hunt and appreciate your search. Keep searching

Amazing! I can imagine those in medical field blushing on seeing this product. Things are getting easier day by day with technological advancement. I hope the accuracy level would be on par or even more than that of similar products.

Cool gadget,,, the design makes the product mobile. Nice idea

♥♦♣Great one hunt..♥♥

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