MMRRWS - The World's 1st Electromagnetic Force Powered 10-MJ Railgun!

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The World's 1st Electromagnetic Force Powered 10-MJ Railgun!



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I present to you this groundbreaking cutting-edge military advancement, This 10-Megajoule Railgun was powered by an electromagnetic force far way from the conventional propellant or explosive to fire projectiles.

This beast requires no gunpoweder; just only an enough and good power source. This weapon has an equivalent force of 10 megajoules which is enough to accelerate 11 tons to 100mph

Awesome facts about Mult-mission Medium Range Railgun Weapon System(MMRRWS) :

  • Reduced Size and Weight than any regular Launcher
  • NO GUNPOWDER NEEDED(Safer to transport and operate!)
  • It is cheaper, faster and harder than any artillery



Hunter: @dwaeji-aizelle

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