MonoHUD - The World's First Wearable AR Display Smart Lens for HELMETS

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The World's First Wearable AR Display Smart Lens for HELMETS



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We all know that motorcycle accidents are rampant especially to those who are not fully-equipped with gears. So here comes the first and personal wearable smart-lens with AR display that can help you with your everyday ride more safe.

The Digilens MonoHUD will assess you with a distraction-free information along the road with the help of monocular display of the lens. This lens can easily be fitted to any of your regular helmet and it has full color with two-layer wave guide that guides your way.

The device composed of many cool features:

  • Full Color Display with Two-Layer Waveguide
  • It is a complete game changer due to its unique AR display!
  • Bluetooth-Enable Communication w/ Voice Activation which helps you answer text and calls
  • Provides Speed, Fuel, Location of your co-riders and most especially find local restaurants near you!



Hunter: @dwaeji-aizelle

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great hunt.

  1. smaer lens
  2. useful for bikers
  3. clean your way during drive.
  4. easy to wear.
  5. looks great lens in design
    none for this.


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