Reset Habit - Set goals for free, pay only when you fail

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Reset Habit

Set goals for free, pay only when you fail



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Do you want to challenge yourself and set some goals for yourself? But you should pay in the end if you do not achieve them? Of course this one is such an interesting gamification method for reaching up your goals with Reset Habit. The idea behind the business model is so great definitely. I do not think you wouldn’t reach your goal in the end - because payment has to be done. Will you give it a try?

Pros: Very good Motivational Product



Hunter: @e-arch

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Haha! WOW! This is actually such a great way to keep people grounded to work on their goals, if I have to pay for not achieving then I'd better jst get my ass to work! Great Hunt

That is something new if you loose you have to pay. Reset Habit is the platform which motivates you to achieve your goal which you promise and if you doesn't achieve your given goal then you have to pay.

Personally, I think that one of the biggest motivations in the life of many people is money, so I think it's brilliant that we have the incentive to lose it if we do not make an effort because after all if we do not give 100% it's basically like being defeated.

set goals for free, pay only when you fail.

Sounds too risky, I might end up paying more and even going into dept with this app lol, but the concept is nice and its sure to keep you on track if you don't want to loose money.

Nice Hunt

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Reset Habit is very good and motivational product.It help us to get our determination true. very nice hunt.
@e-arch thanks for your nice hunt.

If it is a little risky, but it is worth leaving the zone of conformity and pressing to be able to fulfill its objectives. But if you are charged for not meeting your goals, you must also pay to meet them, so you would motivate much more.

This is a very unique idea. Set a goal and pay if you do not achieve it. That should motivate people to get done what they put down.

A penalty is a form of incentive.

I think I need this, but I fear that I'd lose all my money because of my procrastinating habits. Thanks for the hunt... Checking it out now.

Here, you must choose not to fail by all means.
Just set goals for free. Challenging goals are what you really need.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us


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