Google Handwriting Input - Innovative Handwriting Technology

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Google Handwriting Input

Innovative Handwriting Technology


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Ever considered the possibility of default keyboards being rather too boring and you would simply prefer the words in your own writing? Well the answer stares us right in the face.

The simplicity of writing just got simpler with this app.The older version of this app received a major upgrade this year with more language support and some major bug fixes.

This app from google has proven to be a friendly companion and the upgrades have made it even more friendly.
This is an app to try out and I recommend you try it out with the latest features.

Introducing the Google handwriting Input.

Note: Some updates have been added to older versions to fix bug issues found in the older versions and to help with compatibility issues and addition of new languages.


  • You can write in your own handwriting
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple theme configuration
  • Presence of voice input
  • No ads


  • The emoji selection process via drawing requires a lot of work
  • No shortcut icon for default keyboard, you have to exit.



Hunter: @ehiboss

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  • It's a new fun way to write text on your phone
  • Uses handwriting as a input for real text


  • Maybe the input will not be accurate for very bad handwriting skills :D


  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • I like the idea of the product
  • Innovative idea that will change a lot


  • Limited target group

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Pros: it is easy to use
Uses your own handwriting
It uses multiple themes
There are no ads
It supports multiple languages

No shortcut icon for default keyboard

Its a good product

Pros :

  • It does have userful component to the touchscreen where you can type and put voice input
  • It is one way to find out how good is your handwriting and how to correct them if ever
  • It is also a fun way to draw some emojis and lettering
  • It does fully works on Android and tablets

Cons :

  • Problem does offer improvement of your writing skills. I have no cons for this application.

Pros :

  • you now have the option to write your own handwriting through this application
    -it is easy to use and even have multiple theme configuration
  • you can add up emojis

Cons :

I don't have cons on this application.


  • It supports printed and cursive writing, with or without a stylus.
  • Google Handwriting Input also supports hundreds of emojis, so you can express yourself in any Android app.
  • It supports multiple languages
  • The most important thing here is the originality, you can write your own handwriting.


  • This is cool really an amazing product. I dont have any problem of this product


nice handwriting input to help people who having problems with normal input method.
easy to use and works on tablets.


Wow, it looks cool.


  • can write your own handwritings
  • supports many languages via upgrade
  • easy to use
  • free and ad free


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

@SteemHunt has really became a JOKE with people posting things like this & being allowed to stay up on the platform for hours. Even the owner is now posting hunts. I've never seen anyone else who ran contest on Steemit participate in their own contest.

I've never seen anyone else who ran contest on Steemit participate in their own contest.

Am not the one running steemhunt

This is really amazing. Thanks for the nice information.

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Cool post...
Keep it up..

This looks great indeed. I am going to have a look at it definitely.


  • Easy way in converting your usual keyboard/pad written words to handwriting.
  • Helps individuals who are not so confident with their penmanship since it provides coold handwritings.
  • Compatible with andriod and iOS, and tablets.
  • Easy to install and is available in google play.
  • It can support multiple languages.
  • there are variety of themes to choose from.


  • some issues were raised by users when I have checked out the site. Some were saying that some words are not acknowledged by the application that is somehow gives inconvenience to users.
  • issues in some phones.
  • there is better handwriting application which has better features than this one.

Really cool idea! Especially that it's in many different languages!

Trying to built up this account only based on the platform of steemhunt! :) I will always rested up to 10 posts (the coolest/best ones) and I will try to get people to delegate so I can upvote these 10 posts!

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ehiboss u are darm handsome. This is cool i swear
Pros: simplicity
Con: none

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Very nice genesisproject post
Thank you for the sharing
My Dear steemit friend

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