AUTOMOWER SOLAR HYBRID - World's First Fully Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower

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World's First Fully Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower



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Hunter's comment

I dedicated this week to looking at solar powered out of this world gadgets. The Automower Solar Hybrid by Husqvarna is a cutting edge lawn mower that is fully automatic and powered by the sun.
What I loved the most about it is the fact that it puts the environment first as it uses considerably less energy than any conventional mower.

That's because in addition to a charging station, it comes with a large integrated solar panel. When there is daylight available, the solar cells enable the mower to extend its cutting periods before it needs recharging. That means a cut lawn in a shorter time, even lower power consumption and an extended battery life. So now it takes even less energy to mow the lawn. Suitable for lawns up to 2200 m², depending on light conditions.



Hunter: @elsiekjay

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Wow very good item. I like solar power system. When i have grass, i will buy & use it. Thanks for introducing it. I will introduce my around people's.


Very powerful hunt! It is a automatic system that runs on solar energy .It also uses less solar energy because of which it is eco-friendly.It also saves the electricity.It can be use to cut the small grass of our lawn. Thanks for sharing this eco-friendly Hunt!

Awesome hunt! best of luck

There's no cooler thing to see in your lawn other than this mini bat mobile. Top notch design, seems very efficient and the most important is being eco friendly. Would be really great if more lawn owners used this. Great hunt :D

Cool product i saw many lawn mowers but all of them are either electric or manual and this is first time i observe a mower that runs on solar power pretty cool, this one is defiantly more economical and require very less maintenance then conventional mowers. Great Hunt

Eco-friendly and can either use electricity by charging or use solar power. Mowing has never been this fun, I am sure it produces less sound too. Cool product

It's a lawnmower that can take advantage of solar panels to extend working hours. I think the sun can work really long on a strong day all day. I hope many of these eco-friendly products come out.

I soooooo need one of these. I hate mowing the lawn, and with this bad boy, it could do it for me. The other great benefit is the solar panel, reducing electricity charging and running costs. It is definitely a win-win product. The only loser is my bank account, I imagine it is costly and beyond my budget. Still, I want one! Nice Hunt.

I thought to buy one and check more after seeing this post, but apparently the site says its now an expired product. So that means, it is no longer available, not sure about the reasons though.

Wish I had one of these growing up. Would have made chore time so much easier. I could have played video games while this thing cut the grass for me.

AUTOMOWER SOLAR HYBRID is a massive idea to utilize the solar power in a productive way to get maximum output that is also eco-friendly. Unique design and working process make it more worthy.

Lovely Hunt <3

Excellent find,eco friendly, fully run on autonomous on using solar energy. Really cool hunt.Thanks for sharing.

Great Hunt! This Automated hybrid Solar power lawn mower seems to be an awesome product for lawn and it is totally automatic. Thanks for sharing a great hunt Good luck

Anything that is environment-friendly is appreciable. This hunt is perfect mower and I think this is going to be trending in this field. Great hunt.

With this there is no worry to attend your it solar powered, meaning no operational cost.

I can say that this is the first time I have seen a lawn machine designed with solar energy. When I cut the grass in the garden from time to time I get tired, it is very good to be automatic. GREAT HUNT ! :)

This car is really eco-friendly and futuristic. As the performance of solar panels improves, it will also become more advanced. Great product.

Great! Since the lawnmower does its work outside and will likely be left at the garden. Why not power it with energy from the sun. Good one @elsiekay.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Cool hunt @elsiekjay! It would be great to find an auto lawnmower that actually gets the job done well. This looks it has a lot of nice attributes, but I wonder how well it would mow my lawn. Cheers and happy hunting!

Awesome Hunt @elsiekjay
Automower solar hibrid, using full solar energy as the power. I like this device concept, cutting with automatically and absolutely we take care our earth. 😍😍

great and cool features of this product are:

  • sophisticated lawn mower.
  • fully automatic.
  • supported by the sun.
  • uses far less energy than conventional cutting machines.

Hi, @ elsiekjay, good hunting.
The mower always has to work in dry weather anyway.
Eeither sunny or cloudy but there is always a certain amount of light.
The solar panel will use light and help extend the shelf life mowing.
Excellent application of solar energy.

Solar is just going everywhere. Lawn Mower was not something I imagined in combination with solar. But hey, here we go. Bravo for Husqvarna for doing this. The design is great also.

Great hunt @elsiekjay Solar is the best energy that keep the Environment safe. This Automower Solar Hybrid is one step to keep the environment safe. Having this tools would be awesome!

It is excellent, a lawn mower that is also a piece of latest technology with a luxurious design and environmentally friendly. Unbelievable! Great hunt!

Solar is taking over the world. This is a very nice invention, a lawn mower can use a lot of fuel and the fumes are not good for the environment. Solar Hybrid will solve these problems. Great hunt @elsiekjay

An amazing lawn mower by husqvarna!! Solar powered and automatic, it can be really useful go many people.
Great Hunt!!

Using free solary energy is a way, which we all should follow. Your hunt is another great example how to make usage of sunlight :) The lawnmower is great, has a great design and features. Thank you for sharing, steem on!

Hii @elsiekjay, amazing effort for hunting such an incredible hunt "AUTOMOWER SOLAR HYBRID."

Really great product in the field of solar technology and it is World's First Fully Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower due to which now we easily manage lawn cutting. Well effort and thanks to share with us this useful product.

It's great to charge the battery over solar cells. Environmentally-friendly devices are more and more quality each day. Nice hunt

Very witty indeed! I guess we can leave this one on our very own lawns and backyards since it is fully-automated and it has solar panels which made it more independent to power source. Great hunt, I am giving this a perfect score of 5!


Awesome Hunt @elsiekjay

Product like this is the future for mankind. Solar powered Automower is sustainable and durbale. There is no need of manual labourers to mow the lawn. Thus it can save our time and money. Also the product takes 45 minute to be fully charged. But what I don't like about this is after being full charged, it can work for 60 minutes only. Its exciting feature is it does cut the grass silently and thus do not create noise. Amazing one!!!


Small and cute lawn mower works with solar energy. This product runs out of energy. Cut off the lawn of your garden with less energy. A great product if you want to prune your lawn in a comfortable way.

good design and the best that uses solar energy has a battery to store cargo so you can cut your lawn after arriving from work

@elsiekjay Cool Hunt! This certainly is a must to get to ease all our work. I like this automated solar powered thing and energy saver too. Great hunt.

There is no yard in my house, so it is unnecessary, but it is essential to my grandmother's house.

I thought its a super innovative vehicle because of its design. Hehe. I love the design and the features of this product. Its good that it has solar panel, eco friendly. Great hunt :)

great to mow the lawn of our patio is the best things in the world and to facilitate this an automated robot is great as well as it works with solar energy making the work even easier because it does not touch worrying about electrical costs

Great Hunt

Hello @elsiekjay, I really appreciate your effort & This is just amazing and I would like to have a ride in these type of cars....

Here is my opinion-


  • Great Design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero emission
  • helps us to reduce global warming


  • None

    Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

A fully automated lawn mawer powered by solar energy is a great invention. It helps you to save time, energy and costs. Its fully programmable to your situation and property and will be a great gift to every property owner. Good Hunt!!!

Nice hunt!
Those design are really awesome! It is definitely a revolutionary one!
I think the price is a bit expensive~
Thanks for the sharing

Any product that is powered by the sun is far more better than any regular product in terms of economics. Being automatic is great also and this will be of great usability

Its design is spectacular, I saw it and it looked like a sports car I love great hunting.

wonderful (1).gif
e61ff317a5 (1).png




  • Eco-friendly

  • Solar powered

  • It comes with a long lasting battery.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

@elsiekjay you are great hunter The Electric are coming in our life with many killer features they gives us comfort and easy to travel it is innovative thanks for sharing.

Automower Solar Hybrid is very good technology and environment friendly. I really like it.

Amazing design and perfect one @elsiekjay. Fully Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower is really a great invention. I love it and also you are appreciable as you found it.

Hi @elsiekjay, I hpe you are doing good. Your search is at Top No 1 and I wish it remains here. Thanks

A very beautiful and advanced technology. AUTOMOWER SOLAR HYBRID World's First Fully Automatic Solar Powered Lawn Mower. Awesome creativity thanks for the share

What a wonderful product, it is an ecological device because it uses the energy of the sun, apart from being a faster cutting machine than the other conventional ones. It's great Congratulations on your hunt.

People are making the solar versions of the existing things and this is great step towards a secure future. I really liked the idea of this solar mower.

I was just thinking of the number of mower being used all over the world and then change in the world if we replace these traditional mowers with automatic solar powers ones and I was surprised. This is super hunt.

At one point having an automatic lawn mower seemed world to me. Now after taking a look at this fully automatic and solar powered lawn mower, I am just stunned to know how fast the world is changing through these innovative products. Well done and kudos to the makers and hunter.

an ecological lawnmower, and commanded by solar energy, really innovative I would like to have one to lessen my burden when it comes to beautifying my garden.

Superb hunt bro. Last time, i only seen a solar powered window, now this one is a vehicle. I would really love to have this kind of a thing

Great to advancement in solar powered tools in this one too. It would surely help to reduce humanoid struggle.

Old lawn mowers were making a lot of noise and the fuel used was harmful to the environment. This product will be very useful to people.

You can clean your garden from where you sit without losing time. Fully automatic running this product is great. Thanks for the sharing.

I love products that protect the environment. Because we have done so much harm to the nature that it is very nice to multiply such products. The lawn movers is very good.

great steemhunt product, no more dangling power cords. The great thing is that it is solar power, the free energy of the future.

Great hunt.
It's has very beautifull designing and which looks very amazing .
Thanks for sharing such a great hunt with us.

I need this! Tired of dragging that old lawnmower!. Hahaha. It's good that autumn is here so no need to mow the lawn every day.

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Hhehe! If we moon I might just get you one lol

Weeeeeee! Maybe then we just travel the world and forget about the lawn!

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Awesome technology... Great hunt and very nice to multiply such products

I like automower Solar Hybrid .

It's always relieving to know that people started using solar powered options for different activities of their routine life. An automatic solar powered mower is definitely something everybody would love to have. I found this hunt great.


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I hope that technology can we use for change the global warming from emition of glass house ( ozone)

True! It's very eco-friendly and should be highly recommended.

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