GreenPonik Smart Garden - Grow everything, everywhere, all the time!

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GreenPonik Smart Garden

Grow everything, everywhere, all the time!



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Hi dear hunters,

Our planet has shortage of land that's why we cannot grow trees and vegetables at Desire even Although we have wish to do so. Another problem is associated with soil, water and their maintenance. And it is taking some space as well. So here I am hunting a solution of this problems. With GreenPonik Smart Garden, You can grow your favorite vegetables and fruits without soil and indoor as well.
1.pngHere water is needed but as the technology is hydrophobic the water will be used a few. And most importantly it is automated so you don't need to you have maintenance as well. And you can grow at Higher density even inside your home using artificial light. So finally, all of the above problems have been solved with this.
4.jpgIts app controlled and very Handy for growing at your wish. Check the link for details information.


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