Snowl - Your Finger Becomes The AI Mouse For Gesture Commands

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Your Finger Becomes The AI Mouse For Gesture Commands



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Hi dear hunters,
Its the time of smart product which makes our life easier. This product will work as a mouse just in your finger having 3 versatile modes with Bluetooth, Gesture Machine Learning & 9DoF for intuitive gesture control over your devices with minimal laten2.jpgy.

There are three modes of mouse-

  • Air Mouse Mode
  • Gesture Mouse Mode
  • Joystick Mouse Mode.

You can connect to almost any devices like Android, Windows, IOS, Mac IOS etc. Check the link to know about more details of 23.jpgt.


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Looking for new mouse experience? Well the Snowl is a pretty impressive mouse because not only can it still be used as a mouse like most of us are used to but it can also be used to register gestures for movement and also experience a different way of mouse movement using the air mouse mode which I believe some of the could be helpful for those who struggle to use a regular mouse.

Ya next generation mouse.

Combing mouse functionality & a Human Interface touchpad, Snowl: Your Finger Becomes The AI Mouse For Gesture Commands is useful for presentations through a Gesture Interface & a VR controller through a Virtual interface.
Interesting Hunt. @engrsayful
Thank you! 🙏


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