Vision Mask - A clear face-mask with an N95+ filter

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Vision Mask

A clear face-mask with an N95+ filter



Hunter's comment

Hi Dear Friends,
This is a very critical time we are passing here in this World due to corona virus and COVID19. So, mask is our daily companion. Now, its really important to wear mask. But with the mask, we are losing our facial expression when its really needed sometimes.

With Vision Masks, there is no need to keep replacing. Words are spoken and expressions will be easy to understand and interpret. Even iPhone Face ID will work. 55% of communication is visual. Unlock your full potential with Vision Masks


Lets make impact on our vision with protection.



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I think these clear masks are definitely the way to go. It's hard not being able to smile at people just because you are wearing a mask that completely hides your facial expressions.


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