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Turn written content into a video



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Verblio turns your written content into a video. Your video will be based on written content. It is not Academy Award-winning But talks to your audience in the way they want. You can put on social media or embed in a post. It is 30-90 seconds long. It will be created in 72 hours for as little as $65 with one revision per video.


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not sure how this will work so I will give it a try soon to check out, nice hunt

Nice way to convert written content in to video. My only concern is content time and 65$ involved to use this service. Any how nice hunt.

innovative hunt that can covert content to video and its very nice

This is great concept, for the bussiness owner this can be a good choice. They can make video for their marketing. I love the idea of this.

This would be great for video content creators to convert their articles into a video format nice find

I checked the link - they use your content to put text captions on video with a music soundtrack. $65 seems a bit expensive to me as I'm sure people can make these types of videos themselves.

I know how to to convert audio into text or text into audio but here text into video which is very engaging. Nice


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