Aphrodite.AI - Deepfaking any face in real-time video chat

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Deepfaking any face in real-time video chat



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Many people are using deepfaking services nowadays for serval purposes. Aphrodite.AI is a web service to helping people swap their face to other people in real-time video chat.

It is a free services, very easy to use and powerful. It supports using Firefox and Google Chrome. It is very interesting and attractive!




Hunter: @eviacha


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lols! This will be very nice for a good prank. Imagine receiving a video call from Nicholas Cage? The receiver will faint! Lols! Nice hunt!

Hi @eviacha - is this the right website? It doesn't seem to have anything on it except a login page and FAQ page...

Yes, it is the right page.
If you use google to check. You can see detail discussion . People are using this web (www.aphrodite.ai) and here is their feedback :


In the description of this video, you can see people is using this website.

Great hunt @eviacha! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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could be dangerous in many occasions, but such tech leaves us to think about how tech can be sometimes fleceeding.

I think it has a lot of cons than pros ideally we need to stop the products like this as they tend to lead us to cyber crimes lets do very clean products.

So with this, anyone can do a cybercrime, on easy way...
I think, isnt a great hunt.