For the next you can use your hunt token for purchase products also backed up product... For details you can read here,

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Am new here, can you please share more light

Not good enough answer. This token seems sketchy i dunno why we need it just use steem... stop trying to print money creating your own token....

Hi, I'm a co-found and developer at Steemhunt.

Steem is developing SMT because each dApp requires a different reward scheme and its own token economy.

Creating more tokens is not only good for project funding / bootstrapping, but also good for STEEM value. ETH has the second highest market cap because they have so many dApps and businesses built on the top of Ethereum platform thanks to ERC20 standard.

Steemhunt is built on SMT because we believe SMT has its unique advantage, and Steem has a potential to become more successful blockchain platform earlier than other general platform like ETH and EOS.

I know what you mean, that's because you don't know about steemhunt community and how about the next project. If you know and learn how the hunt platform work (steemhunt, Reviewhunt, ideahunt) you'll know how the great and strong community here. I've been 8 month on steemhunt and I feel that steemhunt is the great, friendly and amazing platform for every steemian. But, everyone have opinion to offer.. thank you

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