Stainless Steel Ice Cube - Ice that does not melt

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Stainless Steel Ice Cube

Ice that does not melt





Hunter's comment

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce about stainless steel ice cube, which is ice that is not melted.


  1. On hot summer days, there may be times when the ice has melted out of taste while drinking. By using this item, you can keep your drink cool and delicious.

  2. This item is economical because it can still be reused as ice.

  3. Sometimes the ice smells like other foods in the refrigerator, but this item does not.

a point of caution

  1. It's made of stainless steel, so you have to disinfect it with care of hygiene.

  2. You should be careful if you drink the juice at once because you may get caught in your throat.

  3. This item is stainless steel, so be careful not to break the cup.


If you think it's the price of ice, it's expensive, but it's not too expensive for a long time. In addition, the price of items varies from site to site. But you can probably buy it 5~20$.



Hunter: @farmerboy

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  • nice
  • interesting


-something expensive for something that you will surely use once


  • Reusable
  • They’ll never water down your drink.


  • which DOES have it’s own distinct taste.
  • There’s also the matter of the cubes breaking open and getting nontoxic goo (it’s not dangerous, but it’s still disgusting) all in your drink.
  • Then again, I don’t see any seams on the cubes, or even know how they get the gel in there in the first place, so I very well can’t assume that they’d burst.

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