FIGHTING FANTASY LEGENDS PORTA - A role playing game with three difficulty levels

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A role playing game with three difficulty levels


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Hunter's comment

Start your journey/adventure through Northern Allensa as a novice and gradually play your self into a hero. In this narrative role playing game which is been written by Ian Livingstone, you shall battle powerful evil beast which include the Shadow demon, bloodbest and Pitfiend.

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Make sure you collect powerful cards which you shall be using to complete some quest, and at same time, make sure you use the classic Stamina Lock attributes from the gamebooks.

They are three levels of difficulties which you shall embark on, they include: Armies of Death, Deathtrap Dungeon and Trials of Champions.

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These three game mode has their own task and quest. It is now left for you to play your way through them.

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  • Initial release


  • A card-based RPG game.

  • They are card s to be unlock for your monsters.

  • Collect Powerup and get your skills leveled up.

  • You have three difficulty levels as mentioned above.

  • Beast to defeat include Pit fiend, Blood beast and shadown demon.

  • Play and unlock game characters


  • Released date: July 2nd, 2018.

  • Updated date: July 11th 2018.

  • Developers: Asmodee digital

DQmbcdMJV1UbtTxgv6ocTG4vrZ6inX89rJSBywwNQPikmzR (1) (2).png

  • Updated size: 99.36 mb

  • Version: 1.28

  • Numbers of downloads: 100+

game official website

ios version download link

steam download link

gif source

DQmbcdMJV1UbtTxgv6ocTG4vrZ6inX89rJSBywwNQPikmzR (1) (2).png



Hunter: @favourblessing

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Congratulations on your approval @favourblessing, this is yet another great hunt that you made for today. I really love to express my opinion in terms of games because games is one of my favorite category.


  • RPG with adventure in a fantasy world game that you will love playing it
  • Defeat monsters in the game so that you can earn experience through it
  • There are lots of renowned powerful monsters in the game that you will kill and gain experience and rewards


  • None so far for this hunt


  • interesting game

  • the exciting challenge we get in the game

  • can play and unlock game character


  • none

Here is my review for your product:


  • The size of the game is not big.
  • Very fun to play
  • Attractive to broad game lovers


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
It is a very cool game!

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Impressive graphics and gameplay. But maybe for your next hunts, don't upload too many pictures. Keep it up and congrats by the way for the approve.

I so much love the graphic and the ability that is a card role playing game. Embarking in the three difficulty levels makes it fun @favourblessing.

good hunt

Thanks geekgirl for the approval

wow am really impressed, this is my first time am hunting and am happy getting an upvote from you. On my next hunt, i will make sure i reduce the pictures just as you said. Thanks @themanualbot

Congratulation! Your hunt was ranked in 4th place on 15 Jul 2018 on Steemhunt.

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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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