EdTag - Personal pages for language teachers

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Personal pages for language teachers



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Hunter's comment

It is so nice to have a target group of people when doing b2c service. EdTag is a website which gives services to the Teachers !!
So each teacher to be able to make their promotion in a sort of way EdTag is pushing to open up a personal website and put their information there so the people which look for the language teachers can find them easily!


Simple website very great look
Great services
Nice business Model


As far as I see no cons!




Hunter: @felicianor


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Great hunt @felicianor

A great site for language teachers and those who want to learn languages. Language teachers can open their personal pages free of charge and those who want to learn a language will find them easily.

Very useful hunt. Using this we can Learn Many languages easily. Thanks for sharing.

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thanks for aprove

great hunt

A lot of usable and helpful people will present today that you have presented to us through which any kind of advice will benefit us a lot, thank you so much for helping to present a beautiful flower review.

I upvote your hunt I really appreciate your excellent hunting...

  • My voting 100% and score---3.80


Very great website with nice services that will help the teachers to make their sort of promotion

If all the languages in the world are supported, this app will be a great app.

excellent Hunt

EdTag is really good for the peoeople who are really want to learn different langauge.
whatever, @felicianor thanks for your nice hunt.


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