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RE: I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock - The MOST annoying and effective alarm EVER!

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These alarm clocks are not effective. If too annoying an alarm clock type people just ditch the alarm clock.

Best (most effective) type of alarms are those which actually make you get up. Little runners or “exercise” mats.

The best alarm clock would be a programmed bot which runs away from you, always staying 2-3 foot ahead and goes all the way to the kitchen, or wherever your smart coffee machine is. A coffee machine programmed to start as your alarm rings.


  • cheap


  • over-designed
  • ineffective

Hahah thanks a lottt for your reply!!! I know what you’re taking about! The 2005 Ig Nobel Prize winner in Economics: “Clocky”, right? Haha there’s also a running alarm called“Tocky Touch” invented by their company which plays MP3 when it runs LOL! I’m impressed by these alarms too, but too pricey for me TT and if as soon as I get up I run, I’d feel dizzy (literally). So I’d rather download this app and walk to the bathroom to search for the required bar code ;ppp

I’m a big believer in KISS. Even though designing simple is the most difficult challenge in existence.

If your [anything] has to have every possible feature everyone has thought of... then you absolutely have no clue about what works.

You are such not only throwing the kitchen sink at things but also two fridges, the microwave, and your mopping bot.

It actually wouldn’t be too hard to develop such an alarm bot with one of those “Learn to code” bot kits.

Personal elements like low blood pressure when getting up can completely be considered and programmed. The alarm can have its own “what works best for you” snooze programming.

Recently two alarm clocks were hunted which actually make people get up.

One was super cheap even.

Another issue with cheap apps is that you’re not invested in them. Too easy to delete when it nags too much.

Haha thanks for your detailed analysis for the effectiveness of different kinds of alarms! You’re right, it’s not too difficult to design a bot like this, but when I studied hard and failed my Visual Basic test in secondary skl, I started to admire all kinds of CS related things, even simple as this XD Actually this bot alarm has “snooze” function, too! Should I add that in the Hunter’s Comment? I didn’t do that coz I thought it’s kinda common hahaha! And as you said those running or mat alarm were hunted before, TBF I was about to hunt Clocky, but realised it’s a 2005 product!! Maybe someday when I’m too annoyed by this app I’ll try a running alarm. I might fall in love with it or just have to endure it coz it cost me a lot ;ppp