Daily Dozen App - Track Your Daily Foods Recomended by Dr. Greger

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Daily Dozen App

Track Your Daily Foods Recomended by Dr. Greger


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Dr. Greger released this app alongside his New York Times bestselling book "How To Not Die". This app allows you to track your daily progress towards the 12 most important dietary and lifestyle choices to curb your chances of mortality.

Pros :

  • Dr. Greger is one of the leading vegan doctors in the world.
  • Dr. Greger's book was very long and dense, thus making the lightweight app a perfect alternative to the masses.
  • This app will keep you on your toes with your health.
  • This app is available for iOS and Android.

Cons :

  • Some carnists may not be pleased that Dr. Greger does not ever recommend that you eat meat, dairy, or eggs.




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This is my opinion about the Daily Dozen App App


I always love the app that guides us to be healthier, food is the source of energy for our body. From food also we can get the power or even trouble. I think the Daily Dozen App realizes that and makes an app that makes us healthier with a healthy diet. The most important thing for me is this application can be downloaded by Android users.


Nothing cons, nice and cool app.

NICE HUNT @fruitdaddy

I agree with you that having this app being able to be downloaded by Android users is important, but because it is most important to you about this Daily Dozen app, does not mean that is the most important point for other users. Most people will like the app most for other reasons like easily learning how to not die eating a whole food plant based diet instead of a diet filled with death and decaying animals or their secretions.

Hi @fruitdaddy,

Thanks for your hunt. I would approve your hunt if you can change the product URL (through the Steemhunt website) to the Daily Dozen challenge, which I think is more representative for the apps than the book pitch/landing page.

Please let me know via a comment reply when you made requested change so I can re-review your hunt for approval. Thanks in advance!

Btw I love nutritionfacts.org, currently without a doubt one of the best available platforms to learn more about alternative eating methods, especially plant based.


  • Everything you mentioned plus the Con you mentioned, namely Dr. Greger does not recommend animal products, and therefore is urging us to save ourselves by eating more healthy, save our earth by not supporting animal husbandry, and save animals from a cruel life and death.
    -One more #[email protected]%& app on my phone.

This app is full of information which will make it much easier to be healthy and make better food choices
caters to Vegans
easy to use and fast, you don't need to read the book
can use on Android and iphone

No cons to mention

you're a pro

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