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RE: Community Poll - Blacklist Policy

in #steemhunt8 months ago (edited)

With the fork, they wiped out over 300 account stakes with over 13 million SP

Who lost SP ? :o

With the fork, which [...] split the community apart.

that happened before i think... hard to add intentionally here, your actions are more intentional in that matter here :D

Also, we have seen constantly milking/spamming attacks from some HIVE users and this has been caused by the fork initiative directly and indirectly.

I think STEEM always had issues with users milking and spamming, funny how people magically see it at the best moment for them...

Whatever, if you have chance to reduce supply by stealing tokens from your investors, take it. Seems good way of making business lately...


No really, answer his question, Who tf lost SP? Really show us on steem were people lost funds, anywhere, i dare you.

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