GODTOOLS - Digital tract for sharing the godspel with others

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Digital tract for sharing the godspel with others



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GodTools is an application that will help people who are religious believers. It allows you to share your beliefs easily and clearly. Through this practice, you will be able to talk with others in confidence about how to initiate and develop relationships with God.

The best feature is that it can work offline from more than seventy. So you do not need the internete too much.

What is new in this version;

  • Totally new design!
  • Improved navigation - swipe descriptive cards naturally (up and down)
  • Simplified switching between languages: easy toggle while in sharing mode
  • Visually engaging artwork and images
  • Ability to choose your favorite presentations and download new ones
  • Addition of the Know God Personally presentation (often used in the US) - you can find this under the plus sign to add it to your home screen.


  • Ensure that you feel safe
  • Multilingual option
  • Refurbished Honor feature
  • Satisfaction




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It will be good to be able to easily share religious beliefs as it can help people who want to start preaching and are not sure how to. However, it seems to be only tailored to Christians.
great hunt!


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