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Best camera for security purpose



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Today i found a best product for security of our home.
Everyone want to secure home ,tour place and office.I think This is a best for for our security.This is a waterproof camera and we can fit this camera inside the home or outside the home .Connecting this camera with mobile using its own app we can see the activity of our home or outside the home what is happening in my house or outside the home .It can also capture 1080HD videos and can the store the footage and we can see the footage live or previous recorded footage according to our needs.Due to its waterproof feature It will be work in the rain .
Due to its small size it can be fit on the wall or windows or where you want to fit .When any dangerous situation will appear like in the form of thief It will notify you like it can send you a message that threat is detected .



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Hi @hanitasteemer - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

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Unfortunately, while cleverly designed, there's no real tech in this product.

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