SKIN BUTTONS - Low power and clickable small laser projections

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Low power and clickable small laser projections



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This is a small mini watch for wearing on arm also it is a small mini computer and you can perform the operation using touch .

When you wear this watch on your arm you can see four red color button on your skin which is physically not exist but you can see the laser red buttons and you can perform
many operation like you can set the time by just touching on your arm .



Hunter: @hanitasteemer

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Very cool Device SKIN BUTTONS. Technology is the power of the modern era it is proven by the awesome innovation. And today you present another great innovation device. Its looks very small but its very powerful as like a mini computer and works very smartly.

We can easily perfect at our skin by just one touch. Awesome Hunt. Thanks for share with us.

I think just yesterday there was a similar hunt where I saw a real problem with the need of wearing a "ring" to control it. This seems to be way better and seems to have a bigger potential. I get that this is maybe just the beginning but still a product exactly like this has no use at all in my opinion since those little gestures could also be done just by using a touchscreen. Still excited to see where this is going.

It's looking closer to a more futuristic world with the development of devices like this, working towards holograms in everyday life and making life easier. Be interesting to see how well this goes and the range of options it ends up allowing for people to use with it.

It looks cool but on a scale of 0 and 100, how healthy is the laser on the skin? Not to be a killjoy but I will be wary before using it.

REally like this skin buttons thing that you can wear and it is like a small computer that you can use by playing around with the 4 buttons and see these laser projections. Also this is low power.

It's a very interesting item.
I can operate it by laser without using the watch button. I think it would be more interesting if we could put the laser on the wall instead of just the skin. I really like it.
Thank you for sharing.

Skin Buttons serving as a watch and a mini computer is simply amazing. The best part that I like about this product is it's design which is very compact and elegant and beauty being able to see light Buttons on the wrist making it more easier to perform or perate the watch..great stuff and nice hunt friend..

This mini computer is not an ordinary one. By just touching, you can perform various operations.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all.
I really loved this hunt


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