WIRELESS TRACKBALL M570 - Without movement of your hands cursor will move

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Without movement of your hands cursor will move



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Today I found a best mouse for our use because we use those type of mouse if we want to move the cursor for performing any action on computer screen we move our hand or arms .according to my opinion this is a best mouse for our use because without movement of our arms by just rolling finger on the mouse ball cursor will move and we can perform any action easily. the design of the mouse is more comfortable for hand .
It is a without wire mouse and and it connect with our PC or laptop with the help of Bluetooth .
Price of muse is $49.99.




Hunter: @hanitasteemer


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I wont lie to you, i was curious to know what this mouse entails. I have seen a lot of powerful mouse out this, the short description caught my attention and i was like wow. So with me moving my mouse, it will still move. This is indeed great and a welcome development to mouse use.

Another thing that caught my attention is that the price is affordable compare to some other mouse out there that cant even do something better to this. Thanks for sharing this hunt @hanitasteemer

If the DPI is more higher, I guess this mouse can be useful for gaming like FPS.
The price is quite expensive from my opinion for a mouse with max 1200 DPI.

At first sight, the price seemed bit high. However, after taking a detailed look at its design and cool features, I'm convinced that it's a very god mouse. Good work @hanitasteemer.

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Without move your hand cursor will move automatically is a really great idea. I agree with your opinion mouse ball move easily any motion and working continue as we move our hand all old mouses. Awesome Hunt @hanitasteemer.

Many of us feeling sluggish everytime and don't want to move any of the body parts for anything. Its usually happened in Winters when you feel coldness at its peak level. We want to be cozy and it can be possible with this mouse.

I noticed, professional people use mouse even they are on PC or Laptop. This would be great foe them to not to move arm for doing anything. 😎

It is totally going to feel weird not having to move the hand in order to position the cursor. Perhaps it is just me but I think people are used to the traditional way of moving the hand to position the cursor.

This mouse is really different and would like to try how without moving your hands, the cursor can move to the place where you want it to be. Sounds interesting. and Thanks for the share and hunt.


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