Fitmeter Bike Basic - Cycling - GPS Route & Biking Tracker

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Fitmeter Bike Basic - Cycling

GPS Route & Biking Tracker



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Hello Hunters !

Fitmeter is all about tracking of your bike route. It is an advanced tracker for iPhone that stay lasts until you removed.


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Biking is good activity for health. The gps tracking, speed and distance will motivate bikers to achieve high goal. Nice app to stay healthy. @hazelalex

This is an excellent GPS tracker that can be used for all kinds of activities, hiking biking running exploring and more. Great hunt! :)

You will be able to see many events such as how much speed you have with your bike, how far you have traveled, by using this application if you like to use a bicycle. You can perform many functions by installing this application on your smartphone and opening your gps application.

Fitmeter can be nice app for bikers and cyclists. They can track their route and performance.
Nice Hunt:)

Wow! What a great GPS router you have searched.I have used many trackers but they forgets their locations automatically. But in this it can't forgets its location till we removes it. Very good hunt. Thanks for sharing!

This one app has many features!! The best feature is this app comes with 5 languages. Other regions people can also use this if they don't know enough English. Nice hunt dude!!!

Hi dear @hazelalex your hunt is really appreciable and useful for all younger people. Thanks for your time and share your thoughts with us.

WoW its a simple app, easy to navigate. You can see your distance, speed, and calories burned by the day, week or month (graphs). There is an option for both measurement systems, and you can set goals. No ads I love how simple it is and easy to use. Sometimes less is more ☺ Excellent Search

This is an excellent hunt. Fitmeter is a bike tracker which is available in iPhone /iPad, for tracing and routing. I like this & thanks for sharing this product.

cycle tracker app, i wish it would for android user too, fitmeter bike having good reviews... great hunt... thanks for sharing...
keep hunting...

I like this tracker and hope its available on android too so that I can try it out. Any idea about android version please. thanks for sharing .

I like doing cycling and hope this one will help me to manage my cycling smartly through tracking and showing better stats. Seem to be a nice one. Thanks

pretty cool and useful tracker for bikes. I suppose everyone who drives bike should allow this tracker so there wouldn't be any kind of fear of being theft

Really it is awesome

That's great we can use this at the time off road biking. This can help us to get our destination without any problem. Good hunt

I cycle sometimes but not very frequently so when I will cycle next time, I will try to use this app . Hopefully I will have nice experience. Nice finding.

I do not cycle. I track steps on Google for. It also track cycle. But may be this is also good. Good post.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really amazing bike and cycling route tracker which will really help the bike loverz.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Oh wow, this is truly beautiful
A GPS router that tracks your bike and the route it takes

I think a lot of people are going to find it useful


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