FLo Kids - Pick and Drop for school kids with live tracking

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FLo Kids

Pick and Drop for school kids with live tracking



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now professionals can stay office and keep calm about their kids security , Flo Kids will pick and drop their kids from home and they can track Flo kids bus live on app so they will know where are their kids , Flo Kids give life insurance of your kids and full security during pick and drop they use guards and high security for your kids.




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A much needed new solution for school pick and drops. This has the potential to make school trips tension free for me as a parent. Nice Hunting

No life insurance can compensate anything that will happen to the kids. I always prefer dropping my kids, but for those who cannot, service like this would be of great help.

This is great for you if you have a child in the age of going to school and are looking for an application and platform to ensure safe travel on the way to school. Accompanied by people who are trained and drive high quality vehicles; You can find your child's school-to-home travel in the best way using this platform.

Technology developing day by day and making our life more convenient. We can relaxation about our kids on dropping their schools and monitoring their activities by tracking..what an idea! we can continue our work and we can watch the activity our kids that's wonderful.

This is useful because safety is always on the high priority and see this platform allows tracking for pick and drop so parents can rest assured that nothing is wrong and they are well aware about the location.

Really it is very good for children

Good service for those who can joobians and it is hard for them to drop their kids to school due to strict and early office timing.

This is an excellent app for parents, it gives you peace of mind when kids are going to and from school great hunt :)

Dropping the kids to their school is a big problem but Flo kids is the best solution for this problem. This App is wonderful and helpful for parents. Thanks for sharing.

I know how concerning it is for parents index is outside school and by the time he or she is not back home. Now at least this app is making them aware about the location after feed and they can have a track over it whenever. this is certainly a fantastic app which is making parents worry free and I like it very much

Wow. Great relief of kids related tension. Now they can be safe with this nice tracking.

Always happy to see more convenient stuff added to people's lives. Things have their drawbacks. It's not as great as going to school with a parent and spending time with them. But they reduce the time and cost of each child by up to 40% using our smart routing technology and makes lives easier :)

Nice hunt and indeed a boon for parents in countries where this app provides services. While school buses and other transport is there, flo provides an added layer of security and tracking to give parents peace of mind.

This is good for those people who works late night shift. They can use these services with good quality and without any problem. Cool idea to develop business.

Indeed it is very useful tracking app because with installing it parents will be relaxed. They can know where the kids are.

This is some big brother type ish. You wouldn't catch me driving for flo kids.


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