Omni 20 USB-C - Never let ANY of your device run out of power again

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Omni 20 USB-C

Never let ANY of your device run out of power again






Hunter's comment

Have you experienced your phone or laptop running out of power when you desperately need them? The product I am going to introduce today can save you from this scenario. It’s a charger called Omni 20 USB-C.

It attracts me because

  • It powers ANYTHING at ANYWHERE. No matter if it is your phone, your laptop, camera or game device, and no matter if you are in your car, at your office or chilling by the beach!


  • It has a portable size, which makes it very convenient and you can even put it in your pockets.
  • It is able to charge with a rapid speed and the charger itself can be fully recharged WITHIN JUST 3 hours!! Given its large capacity, it's FAST!!
  • It has a OLED Screen displaying data like battery temperature and percentage, incoming and outgoing wattage. Looks cool!
  • It’s SAFE, it even has a patented power protection system to protect the battery of your device, making its battery life longer.
  • A common charger has the number of mAH ranging from 2,000 to 10,000, while Omnicharge provides 20,100 which can certainly provide the power to all the devices needed in your daily life.


If you have this charger, you will never have to worry about the battery level of any of your devices again! And you don’t even need two different chargers to charge different devices, it can all be quickly done with one SINGLE charger.

If you want to know more about the product, you can watch this video:

Wish you have enjoyed the hunt today,



Hunter: @htliao

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A one of a kind USB Power Bank. Great work @htliao on your hunt.
Now for my personal review below:

Pros :

  • You will never be having a problem with power supply on your gadgets when you are traveling since it has enough capacity to support 60W-100W and has 2 USB ports wherein you can do charging simultaneously two devices.
  • This storage has a much bigger storage capacity with 20,100 mAh and what's make it ahead of other power banks is that it can be fully charge up to 3 hours only with such a huge power storage capacity.
  • It has features that fully protects the battery life of your devices during charging process makes it less worry when you charge them.
  • This power bank supports also file transfers aside from its primary usage. It does supports also fast charging making it less than for gadgets to be fully charge. A good way to do charging when you are always in a hurry especially when you are on travel.

Cons :

  • Since it is electronics still there are possibility that it will get damage so make sure always that this power bank is secured on liquid and static areas.
  • It has only two USB ports which i think should have at least four slots to make it much better and reliable power bank.

A very detailed pros and cons analysis :) seems like you have many gadgets that you need four slots xD


  • High capacity, 2000mah is enough for most smartphone and gadget

  • Versatile target, you can even charge your computer!That is very attractive


  • It maybe a little bit bulky and heavy for the one who only use smartphone...

Thanks for your feedback!


  • What a convenient product to charge a lot of devices in a powerbank.
  • This is very convenient for digital nomads, traveler, backpacker or business-minded individuals
  • The design is simpe and definitely user-friendly


  • I wish the charging duration would be longer than 3 hours.

The following text is my opinion about Omnicharger, I'll do my best to explain what I like and dislike about this gadget.

This is an interesting gadget because it allows to charge multiple things from smartphones to cameras, laptops, usually this kind of chargers allow only your smartphone and tablet to be charged, rarely your camera but this one has enough power even for a laptop and that's the great part.


  • it allows you to charge even a laptop, and for some people this could be their favourite or most important gadget, if you are a vlogger, blogger, or any content creator this helps a lot
  • the fact that is has a power protection system and you can leave it to be charging without worring makes it better then other concurent gadgets, some cheaper charges (5$-10$-15$) heat a lot when charging and break
  • Outlet AC
  • it displays the heat/battery percentage
  • it gets full charged in 3 hours, my phone with a 3000 mah battery takes 2 hours to charge to 100% this gets a 20k mah full in 3 hours
  • 500+ life cycles


  • the only problem could be the price 199$, but finding something cheaper at the same quality/specs is hard

I am thinking if you could power up an electric scooter or bike with it. That'd be awesome.

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Sounds great but the price is really expensive

It’s probably its biggest shortcoming

Looks a great product

Thanks :)

Pros and cons
-unmatched power compared to many other mobile chargers
-multiple electronics support
-incase of accidents, the capacity will be a major safety issue

Haha I have never thought capacity would cause safety issue, but I think the team would have thought about that in the design.

This is a really great product especially for us staying in countries with erratic power supply


  • never say enough for charger
  • look durable
  • rapid charge
  • none


  • USB-Type C is the future
  • Can charge different types of electronic devices
  • portable and powerful
  • cool looking


  • Expensive
  • Heavy


  • portable, makes it very convenient and you can even put it in your pockets
  • can charge with a rapid speed, your device will be charged within three hours
  • has a OLED Screen displaying data like battery temperature and percentage, incoming and outgoing wattage
  • it even has a patented power protection system to protect the battery of your device, making its battery life longer.

-none for this hunt.

Thanks for your hunt.



  • the size is simple and cool
  • has fast cahrging technology
  • More cool, has an OLED display that can display the temperature as well as the percentage of the battery

I think it has no flaws because I am very interested.

Good work, @htliao and visit my hunt @ahyar92



  • A good tool to prevent running out of power for laptop
  • It is difficult to find similar product that support laptop
  • Support near all device is a great feature
  • Small and can out into pocket


  • The price is not cheap at all
  • Danger carrying a high capacity battery

waw amazing

@htliao, neat hunt man! 100% thumbs up!
Super charge ability let you rapid charge to full within 3 hours.
Pass through charging.
Compatible with many devices , provided with universal charging interface.

Not really some cons but seems a little heavy.

You doing great as always..
Keep Hunting..


It's a little expensive, but I'm curious if anyone tested it and how much it got it with that.

Nice gadget bro.


  • It has a portable size, so it is practical to carry.
  • It can be recharged within 3 hours
  • Great battery and low energy consumption


  • it has only 2 USB ports

Cool hunt @htliao Upvoted and resteemed:) Keep up your hunts see you on your next ones!


  • Display for battery %, you always know when to recharge it
  • Fully charged in only 3 hours, perfect for travelers, backpackers, camping and more
  • Fits your pockets, while hiking or just walking around
  • No matter what device you want to recharge, it works, this is not only for smart phones, but laptops, cameras and any other device you might have


  • There are only 2 USB ports, could have more to simultanously charge more devices

This is really great


  • all in one charger
  • compact and easy to bring anywhere

All great, no cons for me

Pros: All mentioned, it looks awesome.
Cons: $199. Ouch. That is a really expensive portable power device.
Summary: for the person for whom no price is an issue it may be the best available, for me I'll bring my charger cord. :.)


  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • I like the idea of the product
  • Great overall look and feel


  • I can't say anything bad about it

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That is a very interesting gadgets and more for me than in my country every day we have problems with light, this product would be an excellent solution.

great stuff😁

In fact it is very useful I use it when I travel and really gets me out of trouble!