sumcoin - The World's First Index Based Cryptocurrency

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The World's First Index Based Cryptocurrency



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Sumcoin is a cryptographic blockchain using scrypt proof-of-work algorithm. Sumcoin tracks all coins in real time and its price is an aggregate or “SUM” of all top 100 coins most valuable coins by market capitalization.

It is for those who want to gain maximum exposure to the crypto space but may only want to hold one coin for simplicity, which can reduce risk factors.


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I always believed on crypto and this coin also seems so good.

Not sure what INDEX based cryptocurrency is so I will check out and go through details

Crypto is more popular and good to see the platform you shared. Nice hunt

Will search about this coin to know more about this project nixe find

This is a stubble coin. This coin gives you a platform from which you can easily transact from anywhere.

proof-of-work algorithm is always successful that is why joining this project is worth

A good coin to gain maximum exposure to the crypto space.

sumcoin is a great application and I will be able to know the price of my coins and keep up with the good hunting.

I have not seen such a niche group or index based crypto ever. It should be very useful in the near future and will be popular among many soon.

I will check out more about this Sum coin project and explore it.


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