EtherMage - Play, Trade, and Earn ETH!

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Play, Trade, and Earn ETH!



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Hi to all hunters,

EtherMage is basically inspired by Magic which is a TCG game as known as Trading Card Game. This game is running on Etherum Blockchain that means you can trade your hard-earned cards with any other player and get full ownership.


  • TRADABLE ASSETS: What you earn through this platform can be tradable with ERC-721 Standard.
  • VERIFIABLE RARITY: It is an indication that who is common and who is legendary.
  • LEVEL UPGRADE: level increased to the card's capability and each card has 10 levels.



Hunter: @ikrahch

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  • TCG Game
  • Able to differentiate between common and legendary
  • Multiple levels


  • I don't have any

I came across such games on the Internet and knowing that how much revaluations coming in the game world. Gamers gonna get benefit from it while playing games as a fun.

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This one is an awesome game I have ever seen. I like to play games which are interesting like this. Great hunt👌

I think this game is very cool, in addition to free time, playing this game I will also get blockhain ETH. very cool


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