TorrDroid - An app to search for and download torrents without browing

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An app to search for and download torrents without browing



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Are you in need of a stress free means of searching for and downloading torrents? Then I would recommend you go for TOrrDroid. A BitTorrent cum search engine, TorrDroid grants you the ability to download torrents without having to browse for them manually.

To begin a torrent search on TorrDroid's inbuilt search engine, you just need to enter a search term and file type in the app's search phrase and voila, you are presented with the results for your search with their download only a click away.

Are you scared of mistakenly downloading the various viruses that seem to be everywhere these days? You can be rest assured with TorrDroid as it prevents you from mistakenly downloading them.

Merits Of TorrDroid

  • The risk of downloading viruses is greatly minimised
  • You can choose to download multiple files at the same time.
  • You can set limits for your downloads and uploads.
  • Sequential download is supported, hence you can begin to play video files before their download is completed
  • You can easily download to your internal memory
  • In the event where there is the problem of insufficient RAM, automatic queuing of downloads is supported.

From my review of the app so far, I haven't been able to identify any demerits and if you ask me, I will say that it's the bomb.



Hunter: @illuminatus

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  • It is a secured way to download torrents, unlike lot of sites that contain malicious links or lot of ads.
  • In case of insufficient RAM, downloading files are queued automatically.
  • It allows to start working on files even before the download is complete


  • As you can work on files even before the download is completed, such as playing a video, it may greatly affect the processing time.

Hi @illuminatus,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. Although it’s a fickle matter. :)

Pros :

  • It has a search engine which helps you search your favorite file, movie and sound in a less hassle way with the use of its improve search tool.
  • The user interface itself is cool in your eyes and it has a more flexible and useful options that getting the files that you want to be downloaded will be really easy do.
  • This application supports multiple downloads which can really speeds up your download process especially if you are downloading one or more files.
  • It also have feature that will queue dowloads so your RAM will not be flooded, avoiding some smartphone hang-up and freezing.

Cons :

  • It does contain advertising which is quite anoying.
  • It does offer some in-app options that you need to purchase to maximize your downloading experience.


  • It can reduce the stress of afraid downloaded virus
  • Search engine is powerful
  • Easy to use and easy to set up


  • None for this hunt I can find

Amazing hunt
Pros :

  • The app is great to download torrents , it has great user interface
  • The downloads will be queued and continued when their it's their chance .
  • It support multiple feature for uploading and downloading
  • The application can open magnetic links

Cons :

  • The application contains annoying ads
  • Some features needs to be paid for .

Hey, @illuminatus really helpful for be because lots of things are not available at general web pages for downloading for this I'm looking for that things at torrent search engine but now days there are a lots of spam is uploaded so this app is great for avoid spam downloading great hunt

Here is my review


  • Innovative design with efficient algorithm run behind
  • Attractive UI implemented
  • Search content without browsing with search engine
  • Support High speed downloading
  • Support Multiple setting for uploading and downloading limited and others features
  • Directly control files form app
  • Free to use
  • Overall cool hunt


  • Only for Android users

Here is something for your Hunt

Torrent downloader on a phone? Is it practical? Torrents arent neccessary evil as i've downloaded various open-source programs and public contents from it. But I ussually do it on my computer. I dont know if i need to use a torrent app on my phone.

hey! thanks a lot for giving this application as i really wants it.. & keep posting such type of posts..

In the following lines I'll do my best to share my opinion about TorrDroid, I'll write the things I like and dislike about this app.

In the past years downloading torrents on smartphones has started growing, people downloading music/movies/tv series.


  • the app is able to open magnet links
  • the download speed is decent
  • RAM management, it will queue the downloads that don't have space in the RAM memory
  • the videos can be played before the download is complete
  • good search engine


  • I am not sure if this happens only to my phone, but the phone heats a a lot while downloading files, 4,43GB file took me 2 and a half minutes and the phone felt like I played on it for 1 hour.

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Thankx for this app this app is a very helpful for me and minimize the virus and before this app i can go many website after this app i can search and downlord the vedio etc.