Turny evo - Seat lift that turns your car seat to any direction

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Turny evo

Seat lift that turns your car seat to any direction



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Are you in need of fresh air while waiting for your client, or you need help getting in and out of your vehicle? I think you should try this product which is unique with useful functions.

This is a seat lift what can be controlled through the smartphone, it is a more convenient way to get in and out of your vehicle without stress. The cool thing about turny evo is that it can be adjusted to a lower or higher level.




Hunter: @jalonedem


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Another elegant solution for a big problem people in wheelchairs face. The inventor of this should be aplauded for his contribution for helping people.

Nice and useful hunt mate that should be awesome for my grand parents and we can use it at anywhere and anytime. Thanks for sharing.

What a great product, so we would avoid moving at times uncomfortable to get out of the car. However, sick or disabled people appreciate this system more ... It looks comfortable and easy to control through the phone, a mega plus . Great hunting.

Hi @ noble, really interesting hunting.
This is a great first-hand seat for people in a wheelchair.
Many times in driving is a need for a vacation.
The seat that can be pulled out of the car (but in a short time) is good for a ride.
It is also good what to adjust the height of such a seat.
If it do not "raise" the price too much then this is a great additional feature of the vehicle.

Good luck with hunting.

This product is not only for convenient purposes.. It is very helpful for those persons with disabilities.. A person with a leg problem can now easily get in and out from the car.. I will recommend this to those who really needs this.. I hope the prize of this product is convenient to the user.

Amazing! A car seat that can be controlled with a smartphone to your convenience or even for a fresh air outside the vehicle without necessarily leaving the car seat. Wonderful i must say. Nice hunt!

ideal for people with disabilities because without any effort you can be quiet outdoors only with the application of your mobile phone

Turny Evo is very easy to for use. you will use any other site just you need fresh site for the opening. Turny Evo is adjusted to lower and higher.

For me, this is more innovative than ordinary patient aiding cars. Great hunt!

This is going to be of great help for old people , patients, and sometimes to all of us, who need to sit for some time to relax in nature's beauty at lone places.

The good thing is that, its already trusted by so many car brands. And I checked out, they have quite a good coverage of dealer network across the world. Even its available in India.

Awesome hunt my friend!This product is very useful to older people who are harder to get into the car and also for people with mobility problems.Great hunt.Keep it on!

This kind of chair correct me if I'm mistaken is perfect for the person with disabilities right? The designed itself looks very comfortable most especially for PWD. The smartphone connectivity thingy is really great since you can even connect it your mobile means that it is advance technology.

awesome hunt

This is cool product which let's you move your seat of car in any direction besides being electronically controlled .

best of luck

Pros and Cons
-This is a very important tool for elderly or handicapped users
-Give easy access to vehicles

-Quite expensive for this seat mods

Such a great hunt, would love to have this on my car lol.

This seat is very useful.
Here's my personal opinion
Pros :

  • it would be necessary for elderly or handicapped people
  • easy to control via smartphone

Cons :

  • quite expensive

This idea and a designed product are awesome! People who are unable or have problems getting into vehicle should definitely try this out. It looks comfortable and easy to use. And the fact that can be controlled via smartphone is also awesome.

Great hunt @jalonedem !

Nice Hunt!

  • it is adjustable.
  • It can be controlled with an app.
  • It makes entry and exit easier for the physically challenged.


  • Quite expensive

The design of this beautiful car is awesome. The speed of this car is fast as compared to other cars. Thank you for sharing this graet HUNT.


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