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Hello to game lovers,

Not everything can be work, do not believe! You have to relax and calm the stress to maintain mental health. This is the ultimate purpose of any game, although it must be recognized that certain games, where money is involved, instead of calming stress can increase it. LOL I recommend a change of attitude, you have to relax from time to time, healthy, find that moment you need. Consequently, I invite you to know a very interesting HTML5 and E-Sports video game app that you can download from the and that rewards you with tokens called RORS that you can visualize on steem engine, we are talking about ROR GAME.

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The ROR GAME (Road of Rich) is a relatively new app that released its Alpha version in October of last year and that little by little seeks to make its way into the highly contested mobile entertainment market. ROR is a Clicker game that will not take away much time or interfere with your daily activities and you will accumulate rewards with diamonds (DIA) that you can redeem later.

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You like puzzles, Arcade or Nintendo type games, or online games, so I think you have to download this app and evaluate it for yourself, maybe even a project that suits you to support.

I leave the link below:

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