Stealtho Wheels - Magic Office Chair Casters That fits on any type of floors

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Stealtho Wheels

Magic Office Chair Casters That fits on any type of floors



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Hunter's comment

Office are not complete without a movable chair. But common office chairs leaves a marks on floors, not so good on wheels and having trouble on rolling around. Maybe this will help us to have a new office chairs wheels that can fit any type of floors. Watch this.

For some cases we might fall off easily if just pass by with a simple cable wires but by Stealtho Wheel this can be prevented. DIY to change your old office wheels by this.

  • glows in the dark wheels
  • has locking system
  • quiet and easy movements
  • can bare up to 300kg
  • safe for all type of floors
  • universal stem so it can fit most office chairs

Hope you like it!



Hunter: @jayjaydy

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Wait, you can bring a razor scooter into the office now with these new casters. That's amazing. I could see people rolling around high speeds in the office.

The stealtho wheels solve a multitude of problems with regular wheels on office chairs: ease of movement (no more straining yourself moving the chair), no worries about damging cables on the floor, it leaves no skid marks on the floor and glows in the dark making it easier to find the chair in dimmed lighting or dark.

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You always brings us amazing hunt friend you are a great inspiration for me loving this magical chair as it offers so much.

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