Chatterbug Streams - Learn a new language with live streamed classes

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Chatterbug Streams

Learn a new language with live streamed classes



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Learn a new language with Chatterbug Streams, the first app for learning Spanish, French and German through interactive live streams. Watch Peloton-like live streams tailored to your level with real-time quizzes and polls


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If you have heard of Peloton before then this is similar to those live streams, now Chatterbug Streams despite it's name is not exactly a "chat" site, yes you do chat and live but it's more like a language learning app, you can learn Spanish, French and German through using interactive live streams.

Learn a new language with classes streamed live. With this great application you can learn a new language anywhere in the world you are, use your free time to do something productive for your future....

a good way to learn other languages, we can learn and live so it will be very easy to do it. It will undoubtedly be widely used for the comfort it provides, a good option to learn at home due to this pandemic. thanks for sharing. excellent hunting

We can learn language by watching some videos but it is not interesting. so we should go for live stream and where we can ask several questions and the teacher will understand how to teach us according to our level of competency. thanks for sharing

Being able to learn several languages ​​easily and quickly is super essential at this time, great hunting

This is what a unique and valuable hunt. This app made life easy for all those who wants to learn Spanish, French or German . They can now interact and learn Online with live streams which is really beneficial in this COVID-19 Pandemic.


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