Help India Fight Covid - Donate crypto or cash for India's covid relief

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Help India Fight Covid

Donate crypto or cash for India's covid relief



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India is going through an unprecedented healthcare crisis. Twitter has become a battleground for fighting covid19. This is an effort to consolidate important donation information outside twitter, with the intention of reaching everyone and anyone who can help.


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With Help India Fight Covid app we can easily donate crypto or cash for India's covid relief and can help them in their hard time.

The things that we are experiencing today in the world is not a game, we all have to do our bit to those most in need since treatment for a Covid 19 patient is extremely expensive, we need more campaigns and more support to get ahead and beat this pandemic ...

Donate now to help India fight the second wave.

This is very useful and helpful to recover India from covid-19 situation. Please donate! I shared this post on twitter and fb.

The covid changed our lives, and just a country like India, which is quite poor, is affected by this pandemic, I wish we could with the snapping of a finger disappear the covid but preserve the teaching that this did not give, we are all the same

What a good idea - cryptocurrency makes it very easy to donate, and India needs all the help it can get, as well as everyone's best wishes.

This campaign seems very useful to me since in India the situation is very serious with the virus, it is good to help others and worry when they need it most great hunting companion

One of the most populated countries of the world is India and it needs help in times like this.

The world condition of India is very severe and we can see e the number of identified of covid-19 in a day is more than rest of the world. It is very good initiative which will help to fight against covid-19. So everyone should take their power to help them


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places like India where poverty is found in every corner and this pandemic adds

Covid-19 is making so bad environment in india. This is helpful for people of india.

Its the high time to help a country like India to deal with Covid 19. A platform like this will be an avenue to do so