Jumprope - Create & Discover Helpful "How To's"

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Create & Discover Helpful "How To's"


About Jumprope

Jumprope is an application all about "How To's". With Jumprope you can browse various "How To's" from inspiring creators, or you can create your own to share with others.

It essentially creates a database of step-by-step guides for cooking, fitness, crafts and more.

As a creator, the Jumprope application helps you quickly create professional, educational content.

Once you create a "How To", Jumprope allows you to showcase your work through the application. You can also export videos, GIFs and web embeds to share on any other platform.

Jumprope enables you to share your talents with the world and it also allows you to discover new skills. Learn something new or teach someone else with Jumprope.

Download Jumprope in the iOS App Store:




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An app to share valuable lessons, info and skills? This definitely a very good app. I will try it out, who knows I might be interested in something really useful. Good hunt.

Looking forward to knowing more about this stuff. It seems cool to me, how much will It cost, i think i need i but needs to be evaluated first.

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I like the idea for its name - jumprope. It reminds of the game I used to play when I was a kid. This app will help people who wants to learn something new and find out it's how to. Nice hunt.

I should get one now for myself... I would love to learn more

Thanks for sharing

Some sort of gym app?

I think I'll need it very much.

Sounds like a great tool to have and try I must check it out

Innovative collaborating tool through sharing how to's from daily work with others. Always on the look for something on documentation at my company, will give it a try.


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