Bullet R1 Roaster Machine - Sample household electrical roaster

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Bullet R1 Roaster Machine

Sample household electrical roaster





Hunter's comment

'Bullet R1' is a sample household electrical roaster capable of roasting up to 1kg. The core function is to measure the temperature of the drum. Because it is preheated to the drum temperature, you can start roasting after setting to the correct temperature. Bullet R1 is the first feature in the world that is absolutely necessary for uniform roasting.

You can also completely control all stages of roasting. This is because drum speed, cooling speed, and air flow rate can be controlled as well as drum temperature and bean temperature can be measured separately. In addition, the power can be adjusted to 200~1500w according to the desired degree of roasting. Electric roasters are exceptional.

Induction heat sources enable low power, high efficiency, and can be roasted anywhere in the house, in cafes, or outdoors with only an electric plug.




Hunter: @jiwootak


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Hi @jiwootak,

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Awesome roaster tho! I want!.

I understand that if the homepage is not translated into English, it can not be introduced to steemhunt, right?
If so, I think it would be difficult to introduce new products from small companies of korea. No matter how cool it is.
Thanks for your comment! It's okay to drop it.

That’s indeed true, jiwootak. Luckily some of those products will be picked up by Amazon merchants.

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You can always link to the roaster’s actual product page as it is an international item, rather than to a (local) shop. I even saw multiple YouTube videos for it as well.

I think this would be the original product page link: https://aillio.com/?page_id=18556

Thank you for your help:) I will fix the parts that can be modified. I expect to see localized versions of Steemhunt coming out.

high efficiency
controls the stages of roasting