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RE: I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock - The MOST annoying and effective alarm EVER!

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Cool but very funny :D

This is my opinion about your APP @susanlo


  • The bed is like having a magnet to our body, it is difficult to get out of bed when we wake up and want to run the activity. This is a problem that every day I experience, it's hard to resist the gravitational forces that exist in the bed :)

  • APP is great in my opinion because in a way that is annoying inevitably we have to get out of bed because turn off the alarm from this app takes a fight.

  • very helpful APP .. SUPER HUNT


  • Maybe the way APP is done is very effective, but the bad impact is we are forcibly awakened and usually this affects the mood that is less good so it affects our activities. But the rest of this app is cool.

This is the value I give to your product


Haha thanks for your detailed review and high marks given!!!! I agree with you LOLLL!

Hahaha I like to give opinions from your app, because this app is related to my problem every day :)