Upskill - Learn How To Program + Free Web Developer Course

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Learn How To Program + Free Web Developer Course



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Hunter's comment

What's good Hunters, It is a great pleasure for me to introduce you what in my humble opinion is a real Hidden Gem. I'm not going to fancy you with super mega proto jets, or cows that fly remotely, no, still I will give something that is far more precious with this hunt... Knowledge!

Upskill is a webservice that offers a variety of programming courses, with high quality training videos and plattforms which helps to improve one's level of programming and coding skills.

Among the courses this service present us, We can find The Essential Web Developer Course which is totally free and I personally really encourage you to take for it's never easy to find quality, specially for free.

In this Free course you can learn languages like HTML5 and CSS3 through 147 video lessons + updates.


  • Develop Custom Themes with Wordpress.
  • HTML & CSS Syntax.
  • JavaScript.
  • Integrating APIs.

Among others...




Hunter: @jonsnow1983

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thanks for the digging this resource , i have gone through the course , i think it is the best one for full stack devolopment but there are few other courses which are paid.

This is the best one out there that you can find for free. Regards.


It's really nice! I think it's very helpful to programmers and persons who wants to be programmer. I've add it to my bookmark. Thank you for a impressive webservice.

Lets go champ!

Maybe I should have a look. I haven't got a clue what coding looks like but I hear about it often here on Steemit and it must be an important skill.

You definitely should.

Hi @jonsnow1983,
I just came to praise your great hunt, I hunting a lot of development tools at all times, this is perfect for beginners. Anyway I like this one.

Thanks for always your sharing the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Thanks bro, I rally appreciate your comment.

Interesting hunt @jonsnow1983 For me as someone who has no clue about programing, this app could really be interesting. I will give it a try when I am back in germany.

Keep up the interesting hunts and enjoy the day @jonsnow1983

Do it man! It's never too late to learn something new.

It mainly supports big and commonly used programming languages. This is perfect for start up developers and students online.

Thanks dude! Always appreciate your comments.


  • Regularly added content
  • Multiple subjects to learn
  • Good amount of free content
  • Fair pricing


  • None (at best you could say the interface isn't cool enough)

Wow dear You Hunt a great website, They are offering html+css etc learning courses free. I will definitely manage my time to learn somehting new there
Thanks for this awesome [email protected]

Glad I can help bro, you should definitely have to try it out.

Upskill is a good option for web developers.. They can polish their skills using upskill. Useful hunt.

Yes it is mate!

Omg! 🤣 What did you do here ?

I'm not going to fancy you with super mega proto jets, or cows that fly remotely,

That part got me laughing...

This hunt is nice .thanks for introducing this awesome site( bookmarked already)

I'm actually looking for Android tutorials.😊

I laughed semi-hard when I wrote it, too, Glad you liked the hut man. Cheers!

This is a great for everyone who want to start his carrier in programming. They don't have to look at other option and start building their skill. I will promote this platform as soon as possible. Great hunt @jonsnow1983

Thanks for this hunt. I'm very excited to try out this website. I've been wanting to learn how to code for years, but never really got around to it. I can't comment on the paid membership because, like I said, I'm just beginning to learn, but the free course offered here in Upskill looks like a really good way to start. It looks very comprehensive and practical. I also like how it seems like a project-based way of learning. Thanks for this! I've already signed up for the free course!

I always want to learn new thing specially programming. I lerned a little css and html. Maybe this site can help me to improve my knowladge. I will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing

I watched some of the training video, and I must say: They are pretty GOOD! Last time I created a webpage was before WWW search was launched, when HTML was super simple. This guy explains things very good, uses best practises and gives examples. I think I'll not want to learn programming anymore, other will be better at that, but if I would like to learn, I'll definitely will check this course out.

Nice Hunt!

  • it is easy to use.
  • you get a free courses
  • you can learn languages like HTML5and CSS3 through 147 video lessons + updates.


  • None for this hunt

It is very useful for web site developers especially beginners. It includes some free courses and we can learn from them efficiently.

I have seen similar platoms before. More free courses should be added. As a result, it will be more useful for those who are beginning to start programming again. Thank you for sharing.

The more the merrier bro.

That why i love steemhunt, an impressive hunt, bookmarking this, i get to learn a lot from it. Keep on hunting @jonsnow1983

You surely will mate.

this platform is a good platform that enables someone to have full knowledge about programming most especially web programming,the platform is awesome and easy to navigate through it,the platform is also simply developed making it easy to use

I just had a look at the first video from the free course and I'm impressed. It looks like they're actually giving away a substantial amount of useful information. I've dabbled in learning to code with sites like codecademy and Treehouse but this one looks like it might be a good alternative. If they could teach me how to develop an app on the Steem blockchain, I'd get premium membership right now.

A very helpful website, especially if you do not have the necessary funds to acquire programming courses. I am interested in learning JavaScript, I will have to see the course that this page has.

Hey @jonsnow,
I never thought that I would be interested in learning how to build a website and learn computer language and that stuff but I went and looked at that Upskills site and before I knew it I was hooked from watching the first 5 sections. I just may need to really learn this stuff and see what I can do with it.
I also never have seen steemhunt so I need to check that out as well.
Thanks a bunch buddy!

Helloo brother. I found this course last year on reddit, and yeah it's really great and the way they explain is easy to comprehend. Steemhunt is great as well, you should look up for the posting guidelines. Their voting system get users to really engage and you can also earn Hunt tokens (future SMT) by voting and posting nice hunts. I'm glad you liked the course. Regards!

It really is amazing the quality of this course and that it is FREE, the instructor has the perfect voice for teaching so it is easy to get locked in on it. I am just going to go through the whole first without trying any of it, just listening and watching. Then I will go back through it and go through the steps in real time and be able to stop and try things and then go forward again. I find it easier for me to learn new things that way.
Thanks again.

Wow platfrom is very useful for people who want to make their work easier. with updated features makes it easier to make programming.

The free course seems really complete. Thanks for your hunt :)

Good app for learners of programs, scripts and languages. good hunt

Thank you for this. I'm going to start the course! yeeah

@jonsnow1983 great hunt in looking for developer courses and when it is free and the instructor is good, this programming course is the one to get. Cool hunt this one.

This will help you a lot, glad you like it. Cheers!

Gracias por el dato Hermano, de verdad no conocía esta pagina y si que me llamo la atención, espero hacer un curso para así adquirir mas conocimiento, agradecido contigo!!


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The design resembles seventy years of racing cars. It can be used in all seasons with its ability to open and close. The choice of an electric motor shows that the product is environmentally friendly. Cool hunt

@ jonsnow1983 excellent hunting
Knowledge does not occupy space, it is always good to learn something new, the good thing about this platform, beyond learning is its cost 0, few quality platforms provide this free service.
Thank you very much for making this hidden gem known
I wish you happy hunting

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