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RE: Parrot Bluegrass - Drones for Smart Agriculture

in #steemhunt3 years ago

This is such a great innovation for drones and the agriculture industry. Here are my thoughts for this great product of engineering.

  • The design for the Parrot Bluegrass is good, and I'm very sure this is built with high quality standard-approved materials.
  • Easy to use by farmers thanks to the application known as Pix4Dcapture which let's the farmer have his own defined schedules for his drone to monitor and get real-time updates for his livestock, ranch or properties.
  • The functionality of this drone is too great to be ignored by farmers, this drone can 30 hectares of farmland at an altitude of 70 meters, that saves alot of time instead of assigning people to monitor the situation of the farmlands.
  • For the price? Nah, the price is very considerable, more time and money being saved, meaning more profit for the farmers at the same time, if the drones gets destroyed or damaged, spare parts are readily available which is good.

None for this product of innovation.