IGTV - This is Instagram's New App For Sharing Long Vertical Videos

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This is Instagram's New App For Sharing Long Vertical Videos



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Good News Instagram Lovers.

Instagram announces IGTV, a new app for watching long and vertical videos on the go.

It is a stand alone app but can be used to watch videos from your favorite video creators from Instagram.

With IGTV, the days of watching one-minute videos have come short as you can upload/watch videos up to an hour long.

An interesting fact is that it is accessible from the main Instagram app and will spotlight videos from popular Instagram celebrities.

Best part? There are no ads.....yet.

Here's a short IGTV video demo





Hunter: @julietisrael


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  • No advertisements
  • Use for long and vertical video, it is a good new for all Instagram users
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly
  • Make Instagram more great


  • None can find for this hunt

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Pros :

  • A good way to watch some videos that are in instagram, giving you the best videos that you really wanted which other instagram members share.
  • It does provide the perfect user interface which can really be convenient for all instagram users.
  • An easy way to browse shared videos from family and friends in instagram.

Cons :

  • This is not a stand alone application which needs integration on Instagram.

Pros :

  • Provides an easy interface to share and watch your videos
  • It provides long vertical video record features
  • There are no ads in this application
  • The application is stable and optimized

Cons :

  • The application is great and I Don't see any cons here

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I'm beginning to love this app..good to see @bleepcoin and some of my favorite steemians on the go..thanks @julietisrael

Lol, I think you should try it

This is great for IG lovers like myself. Thus here's my review.

• Get full detail of clips instead of having to be redirected to another site that might be ads infested.

• Of course, no ads to disrupt users attention.

•Easy to use


• Massive data consumption.

• Not suitable for some devices like the windows devices (Microsoft devices percisely).

Lovely review. It seems to be a great app

It's a great app. You should try it

NICe one ma'am. Well am not a fan of instagram but I can share with my sister. She uses it to promote her business.
Happy hunting.
Happy steeming.

Good one from IG

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