POPUP - World's first modular, electric, zero emission flying car

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World's first modular, electric, zero emission flying car



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AIRBUS POPUP is the first modular, fully electric, zero emission flying car. It has three parts 1. Artificial Intelligence platform(Ground Module) 2. A passenger capsule 3. independent electric propelled modules(Air Module). Popup is multi-modal transportation on both ground and air and also one of the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air vehicle.

Urban self-piloted air vehicle
High-tech, monocoque carbon-fibre cocoon measures 2.6 meters long, 1.4 meters high, and 1.5 meters wide

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Hunter: @jyoti-thelight


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Hi @jyoti-thelight,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’v reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

It's really cool!!! I'd like to see it and use it in person. It must be a great expierence. I think we could see it easily in the near future. Thank you for a impressive product!!

Great hunt @jyoti-thelight,
An advanced technology designed for transportation in the future, its cool.

I have a little advice on your body post to make line breaks in the parts you mentioned. For example

  1. ......
  2. ......
  3. ......

I believe that will be to make your post on better, maybe in the next hunt :)

Thanks for always your sharing the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt.

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Okay I will follow the steps for further posts. Thank you

Amazing hunt! @jyoti-thelight Would be better if it is smaller, the propellers make the drive/plane quite big... Give it a couple of years and this will get tiny :)

Keep up the cool hunts and enjoy the day @jyoti-thelight

It seems to be the future of transportation ahead. Depending on the situation, it would be much less traffic and faster to move. Nice hunt!


Yet another Great hunt @jyoti-thelight! Congratulations on no 1 place.
Here is my view on your hunt.


  • stylish.
  • easy transport.
  • Less Pollution.
  • Advanced Technology.


  • not found any.

This technology always amazes me. Something like this was expected and finally something with amazing features came up. I like the design and how usable it is, doesnt seem to have cons at all!

Great Hunt

  • Fantastic combination
  • Use the latest technology
  • Awesome electric modular
    Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the review and time

Every day technology is more advanced and I am surprised more often I hear of flying cars and I never thought that they would come to exist, I have not had the opportunity to see one but I would love

we can see this near to us shortly

So, you can have your personal pod, and share the land- and air-unit with everyone else. Cool.

I'm a bit concern about losing the full freedom of controlling these units, seem to depend a lot on auto-piloting.

It would also be cool if the drone could drop you in water, and you had a water-jet propulsion to operate yourself there. Perhaps even as a submarine.

This product is very useful for modern transportation, even in countries where traffic jams often occur. very good.

Yes, it will reduce traffic hassles

Good hub from yoy


Fully electric
It work in three modules
Very innovative


Thank you for the review

It's very interested Hunt thanks for sharing your excellent hunting dear I always time see your all hunting keep going dear

I really do hope that this would be implemented in the future, I am super excited to witness this kind of technology! Congrats on this awesome hunt! <3

We in Kerala really in need of this now. House cut off by floods from dam. Has this started working, yet? Hope the army makes use of such

Yes I agree with you, this may useful in Kerala nowadays. Thank you for the comment

superb!!! a flying car. I thought it would be in some future like 100 or 200 years later. Well I am pretty lacking behind in technology information. This is gonna revolutionize this world all togather as we see it now!

Yeah I agree with you, this is beyond the 22nd century

Nice concept and we might find lot of new tech like this flying cars in future, but my only concern is that in future we may see more traffic in sky than in ground. Any way people will find solutions to that too.

Yeah, more technology will evaluated based on this

It is very interesting to move apart from the wheels. The size of the upper wing should be a little smaller. In the future, we can often see such high-tech tools.

It is a very cool product and it looks like it will be appear in the future. It can reduce the traffic on the road by using this flying car. It is also use clean energy and good for the environment.

Am always short of words to say when it comes to tech like this. It makes me feel as if am in the future already. This product will make modern transportation easy.

wow. this is another great drone that mixing with land and air transport. I believe this is a future trend. thanks for a good hunt

Hi @jyoti-thelight! This is a great hunt. It will help lessen carbon dioxide emission.

Yes it is an eco-friendly vehicle

Hi @ jyoti-thelight, this is a futuristic hunt.
The presentation really looks simple and functional.
This is actually transport on the ground and in the air.
On One destination is coming by car, and the dome with the passengers is taken to the other.
Transportation would be very fast. Probably and expensive.
Whether it can become a mass product, it will show the time.
The idea is imaginative and original.

Good luck with hunting.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and time.

Great, the only thing that after taking off you can not use your car until you return to the place where you left the tires.

hahah Yeah that makes sense, Thank you

Nice Hunt!

  • its futuristic. The future is now.
  • Its electric so no pollution.
  • Its modular that really saves some time.
  • It is ai powered so expect it to run at high efficiency.


  • None

This Seems like such an interesting car. I don'T THINK I'd be confident enough to trust using a flying car, however, the concept is pretty cool I must admit! Hunt On!

Wow, @jyoti-thelight amazing hunt it is a flying car I never heard about such care before. technology is going very far may be it will present in our country!

Concept wise , looks awesome. However, apparently the price is still not unveiled I think ? Also when it would be ready to use
And I think, it should have more accommodations, instead of only two passengers, but may be the design does not permit that.

I am very pleased to see such products, especially since it has zero emissions, I think that this is the reason why this product is so important in the future that it will affect the environment well. AMAZING HUNT :)

This is a sublime technology can't just staring at the gif
Cool hunt, amazing technology with AI, Zeroemission mean safer ecosystem

That is so sick! I would pay a lot of money just for a ride in that thing crazy bro!

excellent product! thanks for sharing

Thank you for the comment

Future awaits! Here is my review of this hunt:

  • futuristic design,
  • fully electric,
  • zero emissions,
  • transport trough air or road,


  • self driving,
  • probably too expensive.

i like it though ! Great hunt @jyoti-thelight!

Drone technology is going to have the broad based utility in modern society and owing to huge population and global warming issues, we need clean and renewable source of energy to meet various requirements and this is one of the great hunt by you as it can work in both ways.

Thank you and Have a great day.

This is a glimpse in to what the future might look like. Nice, it will be interesting to see if this concept makes it to production. I've seen a few flying car ideas fail to get off the ground (pun intended)

Thank you for your feedback and time

Excellent invention. How electric is produced in the flying car?

Where, when and how much money? If we still use money when this gets invented... haha i would rather see something that is ALREADY MADE and ready to use... as "top" hunt that is...

Please see the website for more details, Thank you for the comment

Wow, Awesome hunt. Not only me but every body like the cool hunt.

Thank you , I am glad that you like it


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Very nice one.

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