The bubble - A small, fast & very efficient electric hydrofoil craft

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The bubble

A small, fast & very efficient electric hydrofoil craft



Hunter's comment

The bubble is an electric hydrofoil craft that allows 5 travelers with speed of 25 km/h. It can be used on various water resources like sea, lake, pool and rivers.

  • Electric
  • No emission
  • No noise
  • Battery power: 21,5 kW/h
  • Weight (empty): 1050 kg



Hunter: @jyoti-thelight

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Hi @ jyoti-thelight, super interesting hunt.
The ship looks great.
On electricity.
Minimum noise.
Good speed.
The battery power of 21.5 kwh is good.
It can drive 5 people.
The weighing weight of 1050 kg guarantees water stability.
Ideal as a water taxi.

Good luck with hunting.

Great hunt @jyoti-thelight!

It's pretty big for something that weight only 1050kg, it's good looking and seems fun.

It looks so beautifuL. With the ability for i to carry 5 Persons, i think is cool coupled with the sPeed again

I am always interested in sea vehicles. The technology that protects the nature is always very good and useful. It is worth having the spot zero emission and this is excellent. AMAZING HUNT :)

This is hunt is one of my favorite today. Another source of transportation is invented with an incredible features and style. I enjoyed seeing the attached video. It is really cool that's all I wanted to say. Good Luck !

I wish, these were available in India and being used, as it would cut down the road transport by a major percentage and de-congest our cities, where water transport is possible.

How does it work? Does it use solar or wind as its power? Or perhaps we need to charge it first?

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wow this is a cool product. The bubble is very exciting if you can ride it. this product is very good because it does not cause emissions so it is safe for the environment. and the bubble has no sound, so it's comfortable when driving.

Yes it is an eco friendly vehicle

Ok, realy cool hunt. Nice to see eletric vehicles even on water. The batery is also looking great. 21,5 kw, not bad at all. Great hunt.

I never get tired of watching this one. Good thing you did not list the price, I dont want to see it =) Good one.

Any idea how much to buy?

I like that it has a cabin like a car but can "fly" on water with hydrofoils which are a great invention that allows for easier sailing on water. And it's electric.

The speed could be a little faster :)

Nice hunt, the best part is there is no emission because it uses an electric engine, so it's not noisy, cool. keep hunting!

This tech would be very useful especially for commercial purpose to aid traveling

Pros and Cons
-Electric boat is a plus for environmental friendliness
-Hydrofoil makes it super stable and fast

-Battery run time might not be as long
-Quite expensive for a household boat

Thank you for the review

Nice finding Jyoti ji.

excellent product! thanks for sharing

Is this really for real? This is super awesome. Imagine if you could have something like this. Hmm you will really enjoy not just a vacation but everyday of your life. :)

awesome!!!! finally, a beautiful car to ride on the sea. this is something new. I hope we can soon use such innovations in the future. amazing hunt

@jyoti-thelight, this hydrofoil jet looks cool and I wonder what kind of license is needed to drive this. If it is easy to get, this looks like a lot of fun for water activities. Cool hunt.

Another great find. I'm not exactly sure how this thing functions but from the video it looks like it is very smooth on the water. I wonder how it would hold up in rough conditions or against some big waves.