Springfree Trampoline - The World's First Smart Trampoline

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Springfree Trampoline

The World's First Smart Trampoline


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Hunter's comment

Springless trampoline is the perfect trampoline for your kids to play on!


It provides completely safe and interesting outdoor activities. It comes with a digitally interactive trampoline game system called Togma. Togma is a set of sensors in the jumping mat which you can connect to your tablet. Those sensors track movements so kids can play many different games through jumping on this amazing innovation.

It uses flexible composite rods that lie beneath jumping mat and are completely safe and out of harm's way.

I bet kids love this trampoline!




Hunter: @k3vin


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Kids will adore this product and it is perfect for their outdoor activities and also a new way to have fun while monitoring through the app

Its Nice product for Kids. They will love it. Springfree designed this trampoline using smart engineering so it will awesome jumping fun with safety.
Nice Hunt @k3vin

My kids would love this trampoline. Having it built spring free would improve safety alot.

Kids, kids, kids yes of course they would enjoy this, but who says kids will be on this alone? I WILL jump on this, it looks like too much fun!!
Hopefully it can take an adult's weight! (or several)
Great Hunt!!

Hahaha great!!
Thanks @davemarkeddy

A trampoline with five options. Patented safety design and quality material ship. They give a ten-year warranty. That's a lot of time. In many competitions design and safety etc. has received awards. Nice and handy product.

Trampolines will always be fun, and it looks like this trampoline product is more fun, supported by sensors track movements to be able to play the game, really fun!

Wow this thing is really amazing. It has lot of options like you can simply jump or you can go with different activities on this trampoline. It is pretty safe even just looking at it let you know that its safe and very interesting. Prefect for kids for their exercises.
Amazing hunt!!!

This trampoline is very smart and interesting. It is good to see technology apply to this product. And I hope there will be more similar product.

this is a good hunt for children. All children will enjoy of this beautiful product. Children will feel very happy by jumping on it, in fact this product is very good for the kids

the way it is built and designed is pretty good and its intelligent applications make it great, no doubt a fun time guaranteed for your children, I like your hunting very much, thanks for sharing.

Very nice hunt my friend!When i was kid i love trampolines and i was waiting to find one to play.I think this product is very enjoying not only for kids but and parents.Keep it on!

This is actually fun!

The fact it's connected to technology give it an edge when it comes to "trampoline rivals" these days

I need me one of these, it will be totally enjoyable to have a night out with friends, I guess I'm still a kid but I love springy trampolines

Awww this looks really funnnnnn!

Wow amazing trampoline! Kids must love it so much, it looks super fun! Nice hunt @k3vin!

Such a fabulous hunt...its very great product... Every child like this great product....every child enjoying this great product....Spring free trampoline is a smart choice...it provide a save spring less....its totally save product for childrens...very cool hunt..

Nice hunt
It would be the best toy to get rid of my pressure
Great suggestion!


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