PhoneSoap XL - Jumbo-sized Killer Of Germs

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PhoneSoap XL

Jumbo-sized Killer Of Germs



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Hunter's comment

Today I'd like to share this cool innovation called the PhoneSoap XL. Maybe some of you already know about the younger brother that's used primarily for smartphones, while XL unit also charges while it sanitizes. Better yet, whatever fits inside Phonesoap XL will be sanitized, so you can clean anything from a tablet, pacifier to a remote control etc.

Easy to use, check it out in action.

PRICE: $119.95. In my opinion, a good buy if you like your things clean to perfection.



Hunter: @kid4life

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That's truly amazing! I was always thinking of something that could clean my devices. Thanks for sharing this great hunt. Upvoted by SteemHunt Influencer!

Glad that you like it!

Thank you for stopping by @monajam

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Wow WoW thanks babe! Super fast today:) Much appreciated!

i'd rather place my phone in a bucket of gasoline .... or use an alchohol wipe

i'd rather place my phone in a bucket of gasoline ....

Go ahead, results are amazing! PROMISE!

Yes, agree with you for perfect cleaning we should use it. Great Hunt.

This is what I wanted.
Every time I touched my phone, I worried about the Germs. This is perfect solution !

Use a wet wipe and be done with it already haha. I know phones can get really dirty and there are all sorts of bacteria on them, but this just seems like it is taking things a little too far. Keep hunting my friend

Wet wipe does not do it. I really think you should buy this LOL : )

I will, thanks for stopping by mahh man!