828 Leggings - The World's First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings

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828 Leggings

The World's First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings



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Hunter's comment

Essential for diet and exercise, leggings are good and easy to use functional. This product is made of silver yarn, and exercise leggings worry free of bacteria and sweat odor.

828 Leggings are sporty leggings that include elasticity, comfort and antimicrobial features.

828 Leggings are quick to dry, unlike other leggings. Patent pending Argent Flex fibers are resistant to antimicrobial and sweat.

The 828 Leggings are also stretchy. Not only skinny, but also recommended for those who need exercise.

It is 828 Leggings which can always maintain comfort even when I usually wear it at home.

There is also a pouch to hold your smartphone and a secret pocket to hold your credit card.

I think it is a useful product for people who need exercise without worrying about the smell of sweat.




Hunter: @kimsungmin


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Hi @kimsungmin,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I feel fear when I wore one dress for a long time. The fear is bacteria but this leggings is for exercise. Worry free exercise. The inner soul should be satisfied before doing exercise because exercise is for fitness of everything about your body.

This is just great for a $79 product. But that's the discounted price. The full price is a bit too high I think. The hidden pocket for keys and credit cards is very thoughtful. Most leggings don't went have pockets. Everything about 828 seems well though out.

You also have the luxury of skipping changing room after your workouts thanks 828 leggings. I'm sure lots of people would love this.

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100% funded in just 24 hrs, that looks amazing. However, I m little disappointed because of the shipping not available for India. Price of US$ 79 is on a little higher side, because we will have to pay extras shipping cost of 15 - 20 $.

Love this ones! =) ehhehehe


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