Foreverspin Spinning Top - The World's Most Valuable Metal

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Foreverspin Spinning Top

The World's Most Valuable Metal



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Hunter's comment

This product is a spinning top made of special metal. Humanium Metal by IM is a recycled metal material made from seized illegal guns.


The top part of the ForeverSpin is produced in Canada and is CNC machined from aerospace grade lathes with a solid piece of metal to provide the highest precision and quality.

Foreverspin Spinning Top When you touch the top, you will immediately feel symmetry and texture. The manufacturer actually spent a lot of time researching and developing the surface finish to improve overall touch and feel.

On each top, a serial number is displayed with a holographic security feature in the box to avoid counterfeit goods. It also offers a new and improved ForeverSpin rotation base.

I think it is a new spinning top with precise rotation and elegant design.



Hunter: @kimsungmin

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Great Hunt!


Really cool and unique product. This will definitely be an eye catcher on your desk. Really love those Humanium projects in general (I own a watch made out of Humanium metal).

Keep on the good work!

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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I never heard about Humanium before. Now I know that it is Most Valuable Metal in the world. About the product does it give relief from stress? I'm not sure if it is, but for me, I always feel relax looking to some things like top that is spinning. thanks

Metal rotors made of illegally confiscated guns were very finely crafted.
This type of recycling is a very welcome thing.

I am still wondering, what would be the real use of this ? Is it just for stress relief ? Not sure how it becomes World's Most Valuable Metal !!!!

Great solution for making a valuable metal piece. It's very helpful to make a good quality metal. Nice hunt


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