Kanso - The World's First Self-Cleaning Towel

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The World's First Self-Cleaning Towel



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Kanso towels are washable once a week. This is because polygiene fibers are used to inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria and bacteria.

Sports brands affiliated with polygene technology are used primarily in bedding, clothing and sportswear. Polijin applied to towels is the first Kanso towel.

Kanso wash does not smell even once a week.


Kanso towels are designed to be fast absorbing and quick drying. It seems to be used as a useful towel for activities such as backpacking or sweaty activities.

Dry towels quickly dry, hang in the bathroom, continue to use the skin health is not bad. The antibacterial function of a simple towel safely protects your skin.

I think it is a really useful product for keeping your family's skin healthy.




Hunter: @kimsungmin


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My family uses a few towels a day, and there is a lot of redness in a week.
A wet towel quickly smells when you hang it, which is really nice to use for a long time because of its fast drying and antibacterial processes.

A product that I can make my mom happy with although she'd be skeptical about the whole not cleaning your towels for a whole week idea. Kensington is basically using existing technology and applying it in new and useful ways. In fact I'm kind of surprised that nobody had done this before. I mean who hadn't wished for something like this? Cool Hunt!

I personally find washing towels the most annoying part of my laundry (add bedsheets).

So a self cleaning towel is a brilliant, brilliant idea for me. Plus this towel 'oozes' quality judging by the material used.

I also love that it dries quickly (regular towel often take forever to dry) and antimicrobial. This will be great for indoor use and even perfect for outdoor activities.

The comment says it is washable every week but the description says it is self-cleaning. Isn't that a conflict? If something is self-cleaning, I don't expect it to be washable at all or at least not as often as weekly.

If a self-cleaning towel is washable every week, how often is a regular non-self-cleaning towel expected to be washed? Every day?

Just curious...

Every towel is getting produce bad smell if you use the same towel for more then 3 days every time. Taking care of skin is just like caring a newborn baby. Skin infection is a very bad thing. This towel is actually a life savior. Very Nice Tech..

I can definitely use it...All the sweating and smell after gaming is unbearable and no single towel can handle it. I have 5 small towels which I shuffle across the week. And the drying part is also not easy because of winters.
This towel can really save me all the troubles.

Great hunt! Other ordinary towels take a lot of time in drying once they are wet and can be hanged at sun place but kanso product seems to be amazing because of quick dry and self-cleaning and can also not harmful for skin health and germs free because of polijen

Nice innovation but I have some doubut abou this product, The desription says this towel self cleaning but it need to wash weekly.
what the actual matter?? @kimsungmin. By the waya thanks for your hunt.

Great hunt my friend
It will be very easy for us because every time we wash our towels. It will also save our time.
Self cleaning have also a good impact on our health.
Thanks for sharing with us such a great hunt.

I think this towel so usefull..Its have so many good quality.but I am confused self cleaning.Some times we know we need to wased towel everyday.And how its clean by own.
Little confusion there..
Also I hope that its better towel that will help people.also nice looking.Thanks for sharing this product...

Wow, self cleaning towel, if only would clean me up also.


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Awesome hunt! Love this towel!

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