MagBak Wallet - Minimal, Elegant, Practical, Multi-Functional

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MagBak Wallet

Minimal, Elegant, Practical, Multi-Functional



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Hunter's comment

This product is a magnet wallet that sticks to the smart phone. Your phone and wallet will be one

Magbak purse attached to the smart phone as a magnet is also possible to use as a stand leather card wallet. It is possible to use it in a car as well as a mount stand on a desk.

Wallets and smart phones are attached to a strong magnet, you can easily remove the side. It is possible to store 6 cards and save money. It is 6mm thick.


The material of the wallet is soft top grain leather. Thin, but it does not stretch well when pulled by hand. It uses strong N52 magnitude Neodium magnet.

I think it is a useful product that you can easily carry around with your smartphone and wallet, which are always two essential items to carry around.




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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