Memo Box 7-Day - Weekly Smart Pill Box Set

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Memo Box 7-Day

Weekly Smart Pill Box Set



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Hunter's comment

This product is a smart medicine container that can store medicine for 7 days. You can keep a prescription about your medicine and you can use it to optimize yourself for 7 days.

Memo Box 7-Day lets you know what time you take your medicine every day, and automatically tracks how much you take with your app.

The red LED flashes and warns you when you are trying to eat the amount you mistakenly eat.

By setting the GPS fence, the user is warned to take the Memo Box through the app when the user goes beyond the range set by the Memo Box.

Memo Box 7-Day offers a variety of elements such as dedicated apps, audio and LEDs. I think it is a very useful product for those who take medicine or health supplements.




Hunter: @kimsungmin

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  • Health Convenient.
  • Small in size.
  • notification to take medicine.
  • Personal care.


  • not found any.

This product helps you take medicine on time, and it is very convenient because it can contain multiple tablets, not one pill.

Impressive hunt.

Another amazing technology that built to serve the humans and it love this thing about it, it can remind you about the medicine and then it will become your habbit.

It's neat not just amazing!


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